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Affects of Lockdown and a Way to Survive From Severity

By EMN Updated: Apr 13, 2020 11:44 pm

The 21-day nationwide lockdown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic as officially announced by the Government of India on 24th March 2020 is to prevent, protect and break the chain of causing infection from the deadly coronavirus and this consequently has imbibed 1.30 billion population of India. As the lockdown continues, it has affected all sections of people particularly people living below poverty line; and are struggling for food, shelter and other basic needs as such people are with no savings and unemployment. This immediate decision has resulted in thousands of jobless migrants, stranded with transport services shut in the country, organised and unorganised sectors of the private sector with fear of losing jobs, uncertainity of salaries etc. Further, the closed borders of international and inter-state have caused disruption in the supply of essential commodities and inflation due to fear of shortage of goods. This has also completely crippled our normal daily activities including schools, colleges, universities, offices, banking, hospitals, religious gatherings etc. In such situation, the Central Government’s decision to use the existing welfare schemes for the poor and the needy people to provide immediate relief is indeed a laudable step but much more will need to be done when the full implications of the lockdown become apparent and even thereafter. It is to be noted that even many sections of the people are still unable to get such relief packages or relief funds and have become increasingly difficult even to meet their minimum requirements of life. Hence, the Government need to plan effective strategies and focus on the needy people to ensure that atleast minimum essentials of life are reached out to them under such crucial crisis.

Apart from the Central and the State Governments efforts, many NGOs, societies, organsisations and Churchs have joined hands and shown great enterprise and voluntarily contributed relief packages to atleast ease the distress of such people for time-being which are indeed Samaritan works. How long will such NGOs, societies or organisations continue to extend or provide such relief to the needy people during such crisis and even thereafter?

In an apparent effort, the Police, the District Administrations and other government agencies are strictly complying the instructions of the Government of the respective States and tirelessly working round the clock to ensure that there is no movement of people across borders, cities, towns, villages and highways. However, amid Covid-19 lockdown in the entire country, still the positive cases of infections and deaths are on the rise and hence it is quite unprecedented which intend to bring more unseen hardships in the future. Despite of lockdown strategies and strict vigilance, at some level, public are unruly and not strictly following the rules and guidelines of lockdown which results to fear of getting infected with the virus; and therefore considering at the gravity of the situation for the security and safety of each and every citizen of this country, the Government has no other option but to extend the lockdown period after April 14 to rein over the coronavirus as per the reliable sources. The citizens of this country need to be very responsible and cautious in terms of secuity and safety and adhere strictly to the instructions and guidelines of the government.

Virus has become a great leveller, affecting people irrespective of wealth and social status and brought the world to its knees. Already, an unprecedented global lockdown is underway, every nation is figuring out the best strategies to deal with it. No doubt, it is an unparalleled global response to a disease. But when will it end and when will we be able to get on with our lives? As sources revealed – it may take a long time for the tide to go out possibly three months, a year or years. There are indications that there will be no blanket lifting of lockdown but to go for further extension depending on the gravity of the situations, may be state-wise to opt for partial relexation But at this juncture, what is more pertinent that our nation needs is an ‘exit strategy’ – a way of lifting the restrictions and getting back to normal. Will it really happen like before? This pandemic has created a global crisis that requires a global response – ‘Fight, Unite, Ignite’. Therefore, in these challenging times, everyone must say at home unless very necessary, practice personal hygiene, social distancing as well as respecting the rules of self-quarantine. The Government of India ramps up several proactive preventive and mitigating measures with progressive tightenng of international travel, issue of advisories for the members of the public, setting up quarantine facilities, contact of tracing of persons infected by the virus and various social distancing measures including Janata Curfew(People’s Curfew) on 22nd March and 21-day nationwide lockdown from 24 March to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus(Covid-19). Quoting Hon’ble Prime MInister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi “Forget about leaving home in the next 21 days. If you cross Lakshman Rekha, you will invite the virus home”. The world leaders have appreciated the initiatives taken by the Government of India including the UN who has expressed solidarity with India in its fight against coronavirus. According to Shri. Henk Bekedam, WHO Representative to India on coronavirus said – “ The committment from Indian Govt., the Prime Minister’s office has been enormous, very impressive. It is one of the reasons why India is still doing quite well. I am very impressed that everyone has been mobilised”. Henceforth, here the role of the government becomes immense crucial to track of the latest information on the Covid-19 outbreak and pass through national and regional channels, media, healthcare providers, local public healthcare authorities and other reliable sources and must be easily available to the people for preventive measures and with the imperative to ensure the periodic supply of essential commodities with price control and regular relief packages to the poor and needy. It is further to state with pain that Nagaland which was totally safe and free from Covid-19, now a person from our state has been tested positive for the Covid-19 virus, making it the first case as per official sources. The time has come for everyone to be very cautious and strictly adhere to Do’s and don’ts and abide by the guidelines and directives laid down during the lockdown. Therefore, we must be wise, responsible and prepare, not because we may feel personally at risk, but so that we can help lessen the risk for everyone. Let us all unite and fight together to defeat the coronovirus. Stay home, stay safe.

Prakash Chetri
Chümoukedima Town

By EMN Updated: Apr 13, 2020 11:44:37 pm