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Advisor urges dept. to provide factual data

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: Sep 22, 2021 12:21 am
L Khumo (centre), Kevileno Angami (second from right) with other officials during the release of two publications in Kohima on September 21.

Our Correspondent
Kohima, Sep. 21 (EMN):
Advisor of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Evaluation and Economics, and Statistics, L Khumo, called upon the staff to be sincere and hardworking in providing factual data to enable the department to formulate policy for the benefit of farmers in the state.

He stated this while releasing the Directorate of Economics and Statistics (DES) two important publications – Nagaland Statistics Handbook 2021 and National Sample Survey 73rd Round on unincorporated non-agricultural enterprise (excluding construction) in the state held at the directorate in Kohima on Tuesday.

Admitting that people held the Economics and Statistics department in low esteem, the advisor however stated that the department constituted one of the main nerves in the administration as it collects and provides data from different levels, which are very crucial for policy makers and planners of the state.

“The primary purpose of the department was to maintain a check on the functioning of other departments and villages, where government schemes are being implemented,” he stated.

The special secretary to the government of Nagaland, Kevileno Angami, appreciated the department in their endeavours, saying it is not easy to prepare such authentic data and made the report public.

Relating the hardships of furnishing such data, she stated that might look simple for some but the data provided would be an important document for data users and policy planners as it provides the factual report on the implementation of various government initiatives and programmes in the villages and the state in general.

“We as data collectors have to ensure that the data collected should be factual without manipulation,” she said.

Also speaking on the occasion, the additional director and HoD of Economics and Statistics, Neidilhou Angami, asserted that the department is doing its best to provide quality data to the government for decision making and planning for the welfare of the State.

“The department is making efforts to identify statistical data meticulously and provide quality and accurate data to the people,” he said.

The department has been releasing various publications of socio-economic importance. It has been annually publishing 9-10 documents and it is an achievement of the department due to the relentless service of the officials, he added.

Maintaining that the data collected would have a direct impact for the sustainable development goals of the State, he sought the cooperation and support of the respondents, including village council, VDB secretaries and head of family, in providing true data whenever the enumerators conduct survey for the benefit of the state in general.

The Economics and Statistics Officer (ESO), Rhanbemo Kithan, while giving the summary on the content of Nagaland Statistical Handbook 2021, said that the handbook contained vital statistical information encompassing a wide spectrum of socio-economic data pertaining to the state.

He informed that the entire statistical data was organised and presented by grouping together the related activities in primary sector data, secondary sector data, tertiary sector data, social sector data and other services data.

ESO Visi Yhokha gave the summary of the 73rd NSS round report. According to him, it covered all unincorporated non-agricultural enterprises belonging to three important sectors – manufacture, trade and other services, excluding construction.

It was based on the data collected from state samples across all districts of the state covering 2947 enterprises – 660 from the rural sectors and 2287 from urban sectors, she informed.

Both the publications are available in the Directorate of Economics and Statistics and also the official website of the department.

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: Sep 22, 2021 12:21:24 am