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Advance ‘Chakan Gaan-Ngai’ strives to bring ‘unity’

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Dimapur, January 7

The advance celebration of ‘Chakan Gaan-Ngai’, a premier festival of the Rongmei Naga which is celebrated every year after the completion of the harvest of crops was celebrated Monday at Chungaizaeng Rongmei colony, Burma Camp. ‘Chakan Gaan-Ngai’ festival like any other Naga festivals showcased rich cultural heritage like folk songs and oral recitals/hymns that was once bestowed by the ancestors. Parliamentary secretary for Urban Development, Zhaleo Rio who garced the occasion as chief guest urged the Tenyimis to maintain blood relationship with all Naga brethrens and to ‘be an asset to everyone which will help in bringing peace in Nagaland’.
Zhaleo Rio also brought to light that because of so many individual groups and organizations, maintaining a peaceful decorum with fellow friends become difficult unlike the Nagas living outside India who treats every Nagas as their own brothers and sisters.
Talking about Dimapur, a homeland for various communities coming from all over India, Zhaleo stated that living in Dimapur can be related to either ‘Heaven’ or ‘Hell’ with its own distinct attributes.
“Heaven because Dimapur is considered as the commercial hub of Nagaland where trade and business are always on flow where every individuals as Nagas wishes to own some tangible assets and also because Dimapur is a future destination for young Nagas who wishes to prosper in life while coping with the modern civilization. While on contrast, Dimapur can also be compared to hell with so many anti social activities and with the most maximum number of crimes taking place becomes difficult for many people to live with peaceful co-existence,” he asserted.
On the occasion, Zhaleo Rio also appealed the Rongmei Nagas to set an example with fellow Naga friends by living in peaceful co-existence that was once bestowed by the forefathers. “The good values which were once imparted by our forfathers should be preserved and practiced practically,” he said.
He also highlighted the present ongoing Rengma- Karbi issue stating that both Rengmas and Karbis should bring to live the traditional friendship which was once practiced in order to bring ‘peace’ in their area.
He also stated that in order to march the state forward, Nagas should stop being judgmental and that the hatred among individual groups and tribes should be eradicated as money and richness alone cannot bring peace of mind if there is no peaceful co-existence.
Guest of honor Khalo Kapfo, president, Tenyimi Union Dimapur in his exhortation requested the people of Nagaland to help each other in every possible way since not everyone is rich intellectually or financially stable.
Thaban Rongmei, President Rongmei Community Dimapur in his welcome address stated that the need to organize ‘Chakan Gaan-Ngai’ with the theme ‘Celebrating oneness’ was inspired by the past glorious social cultural heritage of our society and also because according to him the foremost need of the hour is ‘unity’ without which ‘our state will not progress or prosper’.
Rongmei Naga’s rich and beautiful folk dance troupe from Dimapur, Nagaland represented the stated on the Republic Day in the year 1966 at New Delhi.
‘Chakan Gaan-Ngai’is opened with the blowing of Mithun horn with the melodious tunes of drums, cymbals, flutes and other musical instruments till the arrival of next sowing season. ‘Chakan Gaan-Ngai’ festival lasts for 5 to 7 days where at the beginning of the festival, male dormitory takes new fire by rubbing bamboo cord with bamboo gauze placed under a piece of dry wood which is then distributed to all the household of the village the new fire.
The method of making fire which is called as ‘Mhai Lapmei’ was performed today during the festival.
Also the ‘Chakan Gaan-Ngai’ festival is marked with many indigenous games and sports like Guaichang nimmei (Catching of Mithun), Guak nimmei (Catching of pig), Daan Chammei (long jump, Tau phaimei (shot put), etc. along with folk songs and dances.
Zhaleo Rio also after the programme inaugurated the UCO Bank (A Government of India undertaking) of Naharbari Branch at Purana Bazar.

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