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Friday, December 08, 2023
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Address Issue of Police Brutality

By EMN Updated: Mar 28, 2020 10:48 pm

I want to put a piece of my mind in public domain about the so-called police brutalities in India and in our State, Nagaland as well. In a way it cannot be termed as Police brutalities. It is the State’s collective decision that was placed upon the shoulders of the Administration and Police to carry out their duties with a view to maintain Law and Order.

Every ‘organ’ has its own responsibility; that is Legislature, Executive & Judiciary. For example, in Nagaland we have 60 Legislators which include a Chief Minister and Ministers and MLAs from the ruling and Opposition. On their own volitions, they contested elections and accordingly the people gave them their mandate. Law and Order in a State/Country is executed under the direction of the Legislative wing of the organ.

The Administration in a State is headed by the Chief Secretary down to the level of an EAC, so also the Police is headed by the DGP down to the level of a Constable. It is also by the personal choice of an individual whether to be in the Police force or the Administration. Likewise, whether an IAS, NCS, IPS or NPS etc. all participated in the recruitment examination in his/her own individual’s volition. In short, nobody is serving in any capacity by force but by choice.

In the context of Nagaland State the Village administration, both Executive and Judiciary, are being administered by the respective Village Councils, Therefore, in a way the practical action of Administrative and Police officers is mostly in Urban Areas. Whether it is the Administration or Police, they should not unnecessarily provoke nor use force. Some even go to the extent of making such unwanted actions look like they are meant for the well-being of the Public. This notion is absolutely wrong. There are much better and civilised methods to deal with the Public to maintain Law and Order but not only by the obligation of brute forces.

Human mind is by nature dynamic but not static. Humans always explore their rights and windows so as to defend their rights. On any given obligation, use of brute force on them will equally generate ripples and opposition. I have been observing the police activities across the country in the present Coronavirus spectre. Yes, on the order of the legislators, executive and police are carrying out such orders so as to help/prevent the spread of this Virus. The intention is good but the method of implementation has gone beyond reasonable limit and therefore it cannot be defended. As such, the executive and legislative organ of the state should address the issue before it snowballs into another controversy of unwanted dimension.

Imkong L Imchen

By EMN Updated: Mar 28, 2020 10:48:37 pm
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