Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Accumulated anger

By EMN Updated: Mar 05, 2015 10:52 pm

The outburst of the Dimapureans was not triggered by a single raping incident. It was in fact the bursting of the accumulated anger. On numerous occasions local women have been raped and even killed by the rapists. Every time when such heinous incident occurs there will be a routine ritual of condemnations in the local newspapers from various organizations before the issue dies down. There has not been any exemplary action initiated by the administration that would satiate the public. The action of the public is not targeted to just one person. They are in fact showing the administration how frustrated they are today. They can no longer wait for justice to be delivered.
Cases of rape, lifting of vehicles, killing, extortion and street brawl are rampant in Dimapur. But so far we are yet to see the concerned authorities doing enough to make the feel safe.
This column has been cautioning the administration for quite sometimes that it should pull up its loin to address the grim law and order situation in the state commercial hub. It appears the administration has lost the pulse of the people. If that is not the case the cries of the people would have been attended by the authorities long ago.
Meanwhile, this column would like to suggest that since the people have already sent out the required message loud and clear to the administration the former should restrain themselves from taking law into their hands. Let the law take its own course from here. One should always keep in mind that there is a limit for everything. The Wednesday’s outburst was more than enough. Going farther from this point will amount to inviting anarchy which will have serious repercussion. Let us hope that better sense prevails. Let us also hope that the administration is sensitive to people’s pulse from this point of time.

By EMN Updated: Mar 05, 2015 10:52:52 pm