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Accident spelling unending tragedy

By EMN Updated: Dec 09, 2013 4:30 pm

Temshinaro/ S. Henlly Phom

THE smashed windscreen and mangled sight of the blue Maruti van serves as a chilling reminder of the accident that occurred on the cold winter morning of December 5 at 2:30 am in Kohima adjacent to the Koinonia Baptist Church, in Kezieke.Reckless and drunk driving by Md. Kamriel Islam, 27 years old, s/o Lt. Haji Mujahit Ali residing in Dak Lane steered off the road and plunged through the roof of the house of the Kath family.
In the incident 28 year old Alenuo Kath and her five year old daughter Keneinuo who was sleeping beside her died instantaneously. The father Henilo Kath suffered critical injuries and his youngest son, four year old Rokuokhrielie. Both have since been admitted to the Naga Hospital, Kohima, with the father still fighting for his life in the ICU and the boy undergoing treatment for a broken leg.
Two other children escaped, but are now in a state of shock.
While the nature of the accident is anybody’s worst nightmare, Eastern Mirror has learnt of an equally tragic emerging scenario facing the two surviving brothers.
With their mother and sister dead, father and brother still hospitalized, and literally without a roof over their heads, the boys are now in the care of their grandparents.
Except for financial assistance from the DC’s office of Rs 10,000, and the presence of the Minister Khriehu Liezietsu at the funeral of the deceased, no social organization or church leaders (besides the church the family are members of) have come forward to inquire after the survivors or offered any financial assistance.
Thirty two year old Henilo Kath is a private driver, the sole bread earner in his family and lived in a rented house with his wife and four children. Hospital bills have already crossed Rs 50,000 and still mounting . All that the family has been doing is wait and steel their faith in the circumstances.
Ato, the brother- in- law of Alenuo the deceased woman remarked that “even if the Government does not come forward, with every little thing we can, we will help the family while helping ourselves move out of the traumatic condition we are all in”.
The bereaved family also said it will take a life time to recover from the tragedy and the expenses borne without help from others will all be taken care of by the ‘Almighty God’.
They regretted that no family member from the driver who caused the accident, or from the community he belongs to, has come to visit the bereaved family.
Meanwhile, the accused has been sent to the Sub Jail, Kohima.
The vehicle has been seized and kept in the North Police Station.
A case has also been registered along with an FIR on December 5 under IPC sec. 279/304(A)/ 338.
A police official at the North P.S. stated that further investigations are on and issues related to compensation and punishment for the accused will be accorded by the magistrate.
Although the family has not referred to help of any kind, it is clear that in the circumstances they could do with a little bit of kindness and remembrance, this Christmas season.

By EMN Updated: Dec 09, 2013 4:30:03 pm