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Saturday, June 22, 2024
Dimapur, Nagaland

Accident involving government vehicle kills one, injures another

By EMN Updated: Oct 30, 2023 8:51 pm

DIMAPUR — A government-registered vehicle, allocated for official duties, has been at the centre of a tragic incident that has ignited public outrage.

On the night of October 26, an inebriated driver operating this vehicle was responsible for a fatal accident that took the life of entrepreneur Aboto Achumi and left another person with severe injuries.

Following the incident, the Lazami Students’ Union (LSU) condemned the incident on Monday and expressed shock at the alleged misuse of a government-registered vehicle, reportedly allotted to an additional secretary in the department of Municipal Affairs.

The LSU also identified the ‘unauthorised driver’ of the vehicle as Inito Tuccu, a resident of Thilixu village, and the occupant as Sumenron Odyuo, who is reportedly the son of the officer under whose name the vehicle was allotted.

The student body further questioned how the vehicle came to be driven by an unauthorised person in an inebriated state late at night. It called on law enforcement agencies to promptly investigate this matter, bring the culprits to justice, and take appropriate actions against the officer responsible for allowing the unauthorised use of the government vehicle.

They also emphasised that failing to address this issue promptly may result in serious implications.

Meanwhile, the Lazami Village Council (LVC) and its citizens have expressed shock and anguish at the tragic and untimely death of late Achumi.

The council condemned the incident in a note and called upon the authority to investigate the crime without any bias, to book and punish the culprits as per the law, and to deliver justice to the bereaved family.

The village council also expressed its condolences to the bereaved family members and prayed that the departed soul rest in eternal peace.

Meanwhile, the Lazami Social Welfare Dimapur Area (LSWDA) also issued a condemnation note, underscoring that both the driver and the occupant of the vehicle were in an inebriated state and not authorised persons to use the government-allotted vehicle.

Citing a violation of Section 180 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, it appealed to the law enforcement agency to book the culprits and deliver justice at the earliest.

In a separate condemnation note, the Sumi Aphuyemi Kughakulu Dimapur (SAKD) condemned the incident and appealed to the law enforcing agency to book the culprit and administer befitting punishment as per the law.

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By EMN Updated: Oct 30, 2023 8:51:31 pm
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