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ACAUT stand, direct challenge to Naga struggle: NSCN-K

By EMN Updated: Jan 03, 2015 11:26 pm


NSCN-K said the ‘unyielding’ stand of ACAUT to describe any and every nominal taxation by ‘Naga political groups’ (NPGs) for sustenance of the struggle as illegitimate and unabated is a direct challenge to the political legitimacy and identity of the Nagas as a whole.
In a press statement issued on Saturday, NSCN-K said in a prolonged struggle spanning almost a century, political violence though unfortunate became inevitable owing to treasonous activities committed by own Naga leaders and groups against the Naga’s aspiration and particularly at the behest of enemy forces to sabotage the struggle from within.
“These anti-Naga forces in the past too propagated public interest and welfare as their cover but with hidden agendas which ultimately attempted to curtail the Naga struggle to a mere armed gangs or secessionist forces. The prices paid were too costly and the plight of the Nagas continues to worsen till today,” the statement said.According to the statement of the NSCN-K, the agendas and activities of the ACAUT is therefore nothing novel or unexpected. Upholding Indian constitution and citing Indian constitutional guarantees to battle the NPG(s) in itself is self-explanatory of their anti-Naga intent and purpose. Only time will tell as to what extent the damage the ACAUT may inflict on the Naga struggle, the benefits they intent to yield and the price they are willing to pay.
The vigour and penchant of ACAUT to denigrate any political violence as terrorist activity will be well understood when actual terror befall them.
“ACAUT is neither a security nor investigative agency to establish or conclude any political violence as terror activity. However for public consumption the NSCN/GPRN once again places on record that, except for controversial August 2013 bombing at TK service station, blamed and countered blamed between NSCN/GPRN Joint Secy. and proprietor of TK service that erupted after TK proprietor refused to own up the loss of Gypsy belonging to Joint Secretary while undergoing repair at TK service,” the NSCN-K clarified.
“The rest of immaculately listed serial bombings were carried out by individuals at Khehoi camp and particulars have been published in local dailies already. Therefore, unless ACAUT on behalf of enemy forces desires to engage NSCN/GPRN in a headlong open conflict of grievous nature, must first authenticate those allegations before slamming NSCN/GPRN,” the statement also said.
“If ACAUT has courage to mock NSCN/GPRN need for sustenance as hypocrisy and love for Indian money, the NSCN/GPRN will definitely see to it that ACAUT never thrive at the expense of Naga struggle, no matter how high sounding their cosmetic banner against multiple taxation may appear,” the NSCN-K statement added.
It then said that the protocol being observed for the retired judge, Supreme Court of India may be entitled, but the rest of the ACAUT as non-entity and non-state agency unless overcome by greed and hypocrisy, remunerations and other official amenities should never be demanded.

By EMN Updated: Jan 03, 2015 11:26:42 pm