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ACAUT roots for NSCN victim

By EMN Updated: Nov 21, 2013 1:25 am


THE Fact-finding team of the ACAUT visited Kiho H. Sumi, GB of Shena New village and s/o Lt. Hosheto, former MLA and resident of Zunheboto town, at Chekiye village.
A press release by ACAUT’s media cell today said that GB Kiho had come down to Dimapur after having been brutally beaten on November 16 morning by three cadres of the GPRN/NSCN, namely, Hoito (Yehemi village), Khapur, Toiho (Shotomi village), RSI, and 2nd Lieutenant Inaho also of Shotomi village.The incident the release states took place after the victim asked one of the accused cadres (the cadre was alone at that time) to produce his identification and tax receipts since he was collecting tax in the colony of Zunheboto town.
After a verbal duel, three other men arrived in a taxi after the cadre called them over phone. The victim was forcibly pushed inside the car and driven to a secluded spot where he was beaten from head to toe with branches from Zunhesu tree affecting even the kidney. However, one of the three men is suspected to be an innocent taxi driver, the release said.
The release also said that ACAUT has been constrained to note that as a responsible organisation, the GPRN/NSCN should first of all, own responsibility for the incident and issue a public apology to the victim; fully bear all the medical expenses and see to it that the victim is given the best possible medical treatment.
In addition, the GPRN/NSCN should also apologise to the GB fraternity for the humiliation and pain caused to a Naga Chieftain which has, broadly speaking, undermined the office of GB.
The three cadres responsible for the inhuman beating be discharged from service of GPRN/NSCN and handed over to the police to be booked under relevant sections of the law, the release insisted.
Moreover, the State government should give monetary compensation to the victim. The release further said, “This incident is a very unfortunate episode and the fact that a GB is at the receiving end only shows that controlling unruly cadres is now becoming a difficult task for the NPGs (Naga political groups).
Unless the NPGs consider pursuing a paradigm shift in their approach in dealing with the public, they risk facing complete public hostility. Giving “Sukha” discharge (dismissal with no benefits monetary or otherwise) without owning responsibility for the actions of its cadres is not acceptable to the Naga people.
In this context, the NPGs have a duty to ensure that Kiho Sumi is the last victim of taxation related attacks and incidents after which the Naga people will not be responsible for any action detrimental to the interest of the NPGs.
Unless the above points are addressed positively, the ACAUT will not be responsible for any further course of action undertaken. At this juncture, the government is reminded that it has a responsibility to give security to the people and initiate strong action against erring cadres, the release added.

By EMN Updated: Nov 21, 2013 1:25:57 am