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ACAUT refutes NSCN (IM) hard-line stance reported in media

By EMN Updated: Aug 11, 2013 1:07 am


The Action Committee Against Unabated Taxation today released a statement stating that its meeting with the NSCN (IM) on the issue of illegal taxation was cordial and not as reported in the media. The reports had detailed a blow by blow account of the meeting, which was anything but cordial and where the constitution of ACAUT had been scrutinised. The press release from the Media Cell of ACAUT says that “the Hon’ble Ato Kilonser of NSCN (IM), Th. Muivah was gracious enough to meet members of ACAUT on 9th August at Hebron Camp and grant audience to our grievances related to multiple taxations and syndicate system prevalent in the market. After lengthy deliberations where members of ACAUT including leading Naga entrepreneurs expressed concern over the present taxation policy of the Naga national workers, the NSCN (IM) acceded to most of our requests as raised in our memorandum submitted to the Hon’ble Ato Kilonser on 28th May. As per our memorandum, the NSCN (IM) has come up with their taxation policy which is positive and an indication of their maturity in tackling issues. In the light of the above, ACAUT would like to clarify that the meeting was a definite breakthrough and not as reported in certain sections of media. ACAUT is grateful to NSCN (IM) for having concern and choosing to address the issues related to the grievances of the common man and the two parties also agreed to address any issue amicably and in the spirit of cordiality.”
The press note also came attached with a 17 points taxation list of the NSCN (IM) which is being reproduced herewith.


1. Every Naga and others residing in Nagalim shall pay tax to the Nation for the national cause.
2. All forms of double taxation from the same items/goods amounting to double tax on the general public are forbidden including:
-Double taxation for the same goods from godown to market;
-Double taxation of the same goods through un-authorized double dealership and sub-dealership;
-Double taxation for the same goods from transport and markets;
-Double taxation on commercial vehicles in the name of transport registration.
3. Exemption of tax from second hand vehicles purchased from auction.
4. Exemption of annual taxes for the newly established local shop/enterprises for the first one year.
5. Ban of taxes from local consumers for non-commercial purposes including construction materials within Nagalim.
6. Ban on collection of illegal taxes including un-authorized gates by the Regional authorities.
7. Exemption of yearly tax on new commercial vehicles from local entrepreneurs/owners for the first one year.
8. Ban on collection of illegal tax on all local goods and products including agro products, indigenous livestock etc.
9. Ban on collection of illegal tax from local vegetable vendors, butcher house, weekly bazaar, etc.
10. Ban of all monopoly through Syndicate system by the National workers and general public.
11. Ban on collection of tax by illegal groups in Nagalim.
12. Ban on utilization of anti-social elements for the purpose of tax collection.
13. Exemption of tax on Naga Entrepreneurs setting up factory unit within Nagalim for the first three years. Other inventories required for the project including import and export of raw materials shall be relaxed for the same period.

14. Strict adherence to the tax rate fixed by the Government.

15. Ban on collection of tax in the form of donations by the Civil Societies and National Workers.

16. Stringent check against all extraneous sectors, groups or elements within and without who has the clear intent to disturb the peace and tranquility of the general public and the government.

17. All concerned Ministries and other sectors shall co-operate in the implementation of the Rules and Guidelines.



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