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ACAUT Rebuts Statement of F&CS Dept

By EMN Updated: Dec 21, 2016 11:51 pm

The ACAUT Nagaland rubbishes the press statement of FCS as totally misleading and its intention to shelter RICE MAFIA is now crystal clear to Naga public. The ACAUT Nagaland reminds the FCS department that it submitted its representation to the Director of FCS on 23 October 2016, which was published in all local dailies pointing out the anomaly in the department, demanding immediate cancellation of NIT and to take corrective measures to avoid siphoning of PDS Rice. However, instead of taking corrective measures, the Director of FCS went ahead with the tender. The ACAUT Nagaland wants to ask the Director of FCS what step it took to rectify the anomalies pointed out in the representation submitted three months back, rather than cry hoarse now for taking the law into one’s own hand.

The siphoning of PDS items to mills and open market by the department of FCS has been going on for the past 15-20 years, a fact known to Naga Public, the modus operandi being that transparent tendering process was not followed and year after the year the contract was extended to the mafias controlling the PDS through power of attorney as in the case of R.Z. Lotha by G. Sarkar and A.Jain. Therefore it is beyond doubt that the department of FCS and PDS mafia are hand in glove.

To refresh the memory of FCS department, ACAUT Nagaland asked for immediate cancellation of NIT and to call for a new NIT, pointing to ulterior motive to shield the mafias by the department. Since the terms and condition furnished in NIT was a mockery and of a kind never found in National or Nagaland Contract and supply tendering system flouting all standard operating procedures. Further the Director was also informed that the ACAUT Nagaland will not hesitate to take the issue to the public and any situation arising because of inaction by the NIT issuing authority (Director), he will be held solely responsible. ACAUT Nagaland in its representation pointed out that:

1. Nagaland state as well as Nationally, Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) for contract and supply is fixed @1-2%, whereas, FCS has fixed it at Rs. 25 Lakhs irrespective of contract value. Moreover, the EMD for all the districts is fixed uniformly, a clear case of manipulation to shelter the department syndicates and cronies who has been running the department de-facto for years. Take the case of Longleng- 1500MT and Zunheboto – 4000MT. How both can have the same EMD deposit of 25 Lakhs?

2. Nationally as well as Nagaland, the security deposit for any contract work is fixed @ 3-5%. However, the department, irrespective of contract value has fixed it at Rs. 75 Lakhs uniformly for all the districts, another clear case of the department trying to manipulate and temper tendering process to favor syndicates and individuals. Take the case of Longleng- 1500MT and Zunheboto – 4000MT. How both should have the same security deposit of 75 Lakhs?

3. Presently, majority of Contractors has given power of attorney to third party which clearly proves that those firms and individuals are not capable of carrying out the contract awarded to them. Despite this, the department has extended their contract year after year without any transparent tendering process indicating clear-cut corruption and conspiracy by the Department. The response of the Government and the Department of F&CS to the expose’ by the ACAUT Nagaland has been at best, disappointing, and the natural response to expose’s and accusations is to immediately institute an independent enquiry but it wasn’t done at all. Such ethical considerations seem to be completely missing among Naga politicians and bureaucrats. The ACAUT demands that the department immediately blacklists those firms and individuals from participating in any contract and supply work in the department. (The department may refer to RTI furnished to ACAUT Nagaland for the list of those firms and individuals who have given power of attorney to other parties).

4. Those contractors who have been running their contract under power of attorney should immediately be blacklisted and new tender be immediately called.

Had the Director and Secretary of the department taken corrective measures three months back as per our representation, the entire racket would have stopped and the present issue wouldn’t have cropped up. The ACAUT Nagaland challenges both the Director and Secretary, FCS, that, if indeed they’re honest and upright officers they should immediately submit every evidences of misappropriation and malpractices in the PDS to the police investigating the case or else resign on moral grounds, that is, for creating all the mess and colluding with the PDS mafia.

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By EMN Updated: Dec 21, 2016 11:51:00 pm