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ACAUT notes UGs’ Public Relations exercise

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Dimapur, December 6

The Action Committee Against unabated Taxation (ACAUT) has stated that the underground organizations are undertaking Public Relations exercises by issuing statements claiming to have banned “taxation” during the festive season.’ However, taxations are still continuing more than ever and the public must stand strong against such activities, the ACAUT stated in a press release received here today. The committee made the appeal in even as it welcomes the resolutions of the village councils of Naharbari, Padumpukhuri, Darogapather and Purana Bazar village under Dimapur district to not pay any “tax” to any underground organizations according to the resolutions taken on October 31 during the public rally.
“Despite the blaring headlines in the newspapers that so and so NPG has banned tax collections by its cadres from the market during the festive season, it’s clear that such are more of public image exercises since more cadres are collecting more ‘taxes’ from the market, albeit without issuing receipts. Thus, there is no argument that most of the NPGs have lost control over their cadres. The only way to control this menace is for the district deputy commissioners and superintendents of police to detain anti-social elements under NSA and for the government to transfer such detainees to Tihar Jail,” the ACAUT said.

Dimapur villages form ACAUT units
The village council are appreciated for their joint resolution not to pay tax to any “NPGs” (Naga political groups) under their jurisdiction as per the October 31 public resolution and are also congratulated for having formed local ACAUT units under their jurisdictions.
“This is a most welcome step and the ACAUT asks every village/colony in Nagaland to emulate the same because unless ‘one government one tax’ is a reality the Naga people shall continue to suffer. It takes great courage to take a stand and the chairmen of the 4 village councils and their teams are looked upon with pride and gratitude by the people,” the ACAUT stated in the press release.
The committee has reminded every citizen in Nagaland that as per the resolution of the public, every individual who attended the rally is morally obligated not to pay tax in any form unless “one government one tax” is a reality.
“Also, every citizen is requested to abide by the same since the ACAUT represents the voice of every individual who yearns to be free from the present state of affairs. Moreover, as per the ACAUT resolution of 5th June, traders and business establishments especially in Dimapur are barred from paying any form of tax to any NPGs and any establishment doing so would make it impossible for the ACAUT to intervene on their behalf in case of any untoward incident,” the ACAUT said.
The district police officials of Mokokchung and Mon districts are much “appreciated for their bold stand against illegal collections by their men at the check gates.” The ACAUT requests every deputy commissioner and superintendents of police to start implementing measures to “reduce corruption at the gates and also to apprehend anti-social elements without fear of reprisals either from their political masters or the NPGs.”

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