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‘ACAUT Nagaland’ is born

By EMN Updated: Feb 15, 2014 1:06 am


THE ACAUT has informed about formation of ACAUT Nagaland following the February 13, 2014 public meeting in Chumukedima.
In a release today, the ACAUT said this was in line with its concerted efforts to pave the way for every individual and organisation to join the ACAUT reformist movement.
Seizing the opportunity provided by the Chumukedima citizens ‘ACAUT Nagaland’ is being declared, the release added.
It said the meeting was the second milestone for ACAUT in its endeavor to create consensus amongst the masses on unabated taxation/illegal collections or general corruption indulged in by the NPGs and the established government. The first being the unprecedented public rally in Dimapur on October 31, 2013.
The statement expressed its indebtedness to the Chumukedima Chamber of Commerce and Trade Association (CCCTA), Chumukedima Mothers’ Association, Chumukedima Village Council, Chumukedima Youth Organisation, Chumukedima Students’ Union and Chumukedima GB Union for having reiterated support for the October 31 “One Government One Tax” resolution to the hilt.
The ACAUT maintained that the decision to expel anyone from Chumukedima jurisdiction found paying tax to NPGs was a path breaking one as at this juncture the different factions are yet to reconcile or form the “One Government” as demanded by the Naga public. It appealed to all village councils in the districts, every ward/colony in all the towns, every tribal hoho, student body and youth organisation to emulate the decision of Chumukedima citizens and strengthen the hands of ACAUT.
Strengthening the ACAUT by expressing solidarity with the reformist movement and abiding by its October 31 resolutions will go a long way in ushering need-of-the-hour reforms in the land, the release added.
ACAUT NAGALAND also plans to undertake a state tour to garner support for “One Government One Tax”. The hope is strong that normalcy, peace and prosperity will return to Nagaland once the different factions are made to realize the futility of remaining divided against popular opinion. The release also stated that ACAUT NAGALAND will attempt to reach out to the youth in colleges and university campuses as they have tremendous role to play in the reformation of the society.
Finally, the ACAUT urged the State government to constitute the High Power Committee at the earliest as per the Enquiry Commissions Act, 1952.

By EMN Updated: Feb 15, 2014 1:06:07 am