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ACAUT lauds DUCCCF’s ‘bold and upright decision’

By EMN Updated: Nov 25, 2014 12:19 am


ACAUT Nagaland expressed deep appreciation and strongly lauded the ‘bold and upright decision’ of Dimapur Urban Colony Council Chairmen Federation (DUCCCF) in raising the issue of threat meted out to the chairmen and GBs by NSCN (IM) if they refuse to collect tax on behalf of the latter.
As per the public expose by DUCCCF, the NSCN (IM) under UT-I directing all the chairmen/GBs of colonies to pay “Sole (soul) census-cum-house tax” for the year 2014 on or before December 6, 2014 is an aberration and absolutely non-compliable since the Naga people have already declared their support for ‘One Government One Tax’, the ACAUT said in a release issued by its media cell today.
It also said the GBs and chairmen of the colonies and villages whether in Dimapur or in the whole of Nagaland cannot go against the wishes of the Naga people which is as per the expression in every public rally held all over Nagaland.
The ACAUT also demanded that L Nzio Lotha, supervisor, Dhobinallah area, NSCN/GPRN, UT, revoke his threat to the chairmen and GBs failing which he shall be solely responsible for any harm or untoward incidents against the GB/chairman fraternity.
Noting that the honourable decision of DUCCCF is as per the wishes of the people, the ACAUT prayed and hoped that all the NPGs would listen to the cry of the people. It also hoped that every individual and organization will follow the exemplary steps of DUCCCF in order to bring about a positive change in Nagaland.
The ACAUT also requested the public to collect evidences of threats meted to them for extortion purpose by means of voice recording, video recordings and SMS etc. It further urged all the GBs and chairmen in every village, business community, government servants, contractors and general public to emulate the example of DUCCCF and desist from encouraging division in the Naga people-led movement

By EMN Updated: Nov 25, 2014 12:19:39 am