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ACAUT demands public answer on NSCN (IM) leader’s accusation

By EMN Updated: Sep 17, 2014 11:16 pm


The armed underground groups are now going so far as to allege that the people’s movement, the Against Corruption & Unabated Taxation (ACAUT), was formed under the behest of former Indian military officials, and that the ACAUT leaders have even Indian army personnel as “security.” The ACAUT issued a vehement statement on Wednesday disclosing before the public, the claims made by an underground functionary of the NSCN (IM), one Daniel Lotha, who reportedly made the claims in a meeting (convened by him) on September in Chumukedima.
The meeting the underground functionary summoned was attended by local and civil community leaders of Chumukedima, it was informed. The ACAUT has demanded that the NSCN (IM) to come out in the open and present the claims before the public.
“The ACAUT Nagaland is constrained to question the highly inflammatory statements made by the CAO of NSCN (IM) Mr. Daniel Lotha, UT-1 made on 15th September, 11 am, at a meeting convened by him at Block-2, Panchayat Hall, Chumukedima in the presence of leaders, elders, GBs, Chairmen, and business community of Chumukedima circle including 6th Mile and 7th Mile areas,” the ACAUT leadership stated in the statement.
The ACAUT listed the allegations the said Lotha made. He alleged that the ACAUT was formed under the initiative of Major General (retired) N George, former chairman of CFMG and CFSB.
“This statement is an insult to the entire Naga people who have whole-heatedly welcomed ACAUT Nagaland’s stand on one government one tax. The ACAUT demands that the CAO provide further explanation in the media as to how this N George was responsible for the formation of the ACAUT movement,” the ACAUT leadership demanded from the underground cadre. .
“He accused two members of ACAUT of moving around with plain clothes security personnel provided by the Indian army. The ACAUT demands that the CAO provide details since the Naga people deserves to know the truth if indeed ACAUT members are conniving with the Indian Army,” the popular movement demanded.
The ACAUT accused the NSCN (IM) cadre of playing a sinister game of soft-targeting individual members of the ACAUT.
“ACAUT members are not preys to be selectively targeted and he shall be answerable in the court of the Naga people for his actions, the organization stated.
The NSCN (IM) man is also said to have claimed that the Naga Council, NWHD and DNSU have withdrawn support to ACAUT Nagaland.
“If indeed this is true, the CAO is requested to make public his claim in the media. The CAO made the most dangerous statement that in case the ceasefire/peace talks between the NSCN (IM) and the GoI breaks down, the ACAUT would be solely responsible and its members would be targeted,” the organization stated.
“The ACAUT Nagaland would like to know if indeed this is the personal view of CAO Daniel Lotha or the official stand of NSCN (IM) since the language expresses threat to life,” the statement from the organization stated.
The ACAUT has asked the underground activist to make public all the above statements made within the confines of the panchayat hall in the media for the public “for clarity of his sinister purpose. He is asked to declare and take a stand that indeed he made such statements in front of the Naga people,” the organization added.

By EMN Updated: Sep 17, 2014 11:16:48 pm