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ACAUT, AYO condemn assault of trader

By EMN Updated: Aug 22, 2016 12:24 am

Dimapur, August 21 : The Against Corruption and Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) has condemned the assault upon a trader over tax payment reportedly by cadres of GPRN/NSCN and described the act as ‘highly toxic’.

“The mindless assault and humiliation meted out to a Naga boy on the 19th August by one Pitovi, reportedly belonging to GPRN/NSCN or the ‘Unification’ faction is highly toxic,” stated a press note issued by Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

The ACAUT demanded immediate arrest of the culprits by the State government. It also asked the Naga business community under NBAK to rally around the victim. Under no circumstances, the FIR filed against the 3 factional culprits be withdrawn, it added.
The ACAUT said it expected both the Home Minister and the Chief Minister to condemn the assault. “This is not the first time that members of the business community have been assaulted but unfortunately, in the last several years, the state government has not even once condemned incidents of assault by the factions nor offered condolence to the victims.”

“Such apathy is unheard of and it conveys the rather dangerous message that, one, the government does not care for the life and security of its citizens; and two, that citizens are free to fend for themselves by taking the law unto their own hands. This is the classic symptom of a failed State.”

Stating that the August 12 incident of Wokha should be a wake-up call for the state government and the district administration, the ACAUT opined that no ‘self-respecting’ Deputy Commissioners can allow the existence of a parallel authority called ‘Town Commanders’.

“It’s simply unacceptable that the Deputy Commissioners should be giving space to so-called Town Commanders when instead they should be cracking the whip on these parallel authorities.”

In a separate release, the Angami Youth Organization (AYO) has condemned the act of extortion/threat and physical assault on the proprietor of Seven Six Provisions, Minister Hill Kohima, Pelevilie Kuotsu, a member of AYO Souvenir Committee, by one Pitovi so-called Region Commander of NSCN–U and his accomplice.

“The act is beyond any tolerance, a malice that negates the principle values of human dignity. The act of harassment and physical assault made by the so-called ‘Region Commander’ of Kohima has cast aspiration on the integrity / intention / motives of the NSCN – U; whether the so-called ‘Region Commander’ is assigned to serve the interest of a particular community / individual / group in the name of Naga nationalism; to extort and assault the people of Kohima; rather than upholding the interest and welfare of the citizens of Kohima for the larger Naga cause.”

AYO vice president Kekhrievolie Keyho and general secretary Rokoketou Sechii said, the establishment even after making payment to the group, the Region Commander went to the extent of physically assaulting and threatening to kill.

“The intention, motive and the act is very unfortunate and will be destructive for the Nagas to live and forge ahead together, if not addressed and contained.” AYO in the light of the incident demanded the NSCN (Unification) to immediately react to settle the matter.

“The so-called Kohima Town Commander be immediately called out of service and out of Kohima for good. An apology be made to the victim. A clarification be made to the Angamis whether Pitovi have any issue / grudges with the community, as the assault was made promptly on the victim after identifying himself.”

Any further issue / incident that harm the victim / family / property the Region Commander Pitovi shall be held fully accountable, the release said.

By EMN Updated: Aug 22, 2016 12:24:21 am