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ACAUT Appreciates

By EMN Updated: Aug 27, 2017 10:50 pm

The ACAUT Nagaland would like to thank the Naga people for being present at the rally and making it a historic one, indeed the “All Nagaland Public Rally” was the ‘Mother of all Rallies,” by far the biggest rally in the history of the state with estimated turn out of approximately 65,000 plus. The ACAUT appreciates all the speakers from the various organizations, especially representatives from the districts, and the young students of Hope Academy and C-Edge College for speaking out their minds on corruption and the Naga political issue in the interest of younger generations. The ACAUT expresses its outmost gratitude to all the volunteers from the CTYO (Chumoukedima Town Youth Organization) and PSAN. All the organizations which mobilized its grassroot members, such as, CAVCA, DEEHA, CTYO, Chakroma Public Organization, NTC, CNTC, DUCCF, ASTD, and all the tribal youth organizations and student bodies as well as the bloggers have our deepest gratitude.

We appreciate the NHRA for providing accommodation for journalists, the Dreamz Unlimited for producing video in support of the rally, the Singers and Musicians for enthralling the crowd with their powerful message through songs, Grill-In for providing refreshment and snacks for 200 people and volunteers, Music Channel for sound system, stage, and related paraphernalia, Crescendo for providing related support to stage activities and Drone Coverage, Innovation Printers for flex banners, Press Point (Tiryimyim), Rengma Selo Zi for the background stage banner, Super Market Tenant Association for providing placards, CTYO for providing placards, bloggers for providing the slogans “War Against Corruption: The Battle to Reclaim the Land”, CNTC and Press Point for giving their offices as control rooms, DDADU and Pick-Up Vans Drivers & Owners Union for generously ferrying participants to the rally, Global Chapter for coverage, the press including electronic and national media for coverage, the Police Commissioner for permission to hold the rally, the traffic police, and all the participants in the rally for their generous donation totaling Rs. 2,60,730/-.

The ACAUT also thanks all the organisations and individuals for contributing bottled water, cash, etc., in the run-up to the rally.

Media Cell
ACAUT Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Aug 27, 2017 10:50:14 pm