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Abu Metha stresses scientific approach, investment in sports

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Nov 11, 2023 10:28 pm
Abu Metha
Winners of the tournament along with organisers after the prize distribution. (EM Images)

DIMAPUR — The 45th Nagaland State Masters Open Badminton Championship 2023 concluded on Saturday, with Abu Metha, Advisor to the Chief Minister of Nagaland, attending as the special guest.

Dimapur District Badminton Association organised the three-day event, coinciding with its golden jubilee celebration, from November 9 to 11 at Dimapur Badminton Club Indoor Stadium.

In his address, Metha expressed his admiration for the sport of badminton, saying that it helped him grow and learn the different beauties of life and that it, like all other sports, is an education in itself.

He opined that Nagas can do well in badminton and that they have a lot of potential. He, however, mentioned that if Nagas want to progress with the rest of the world, they must excel in sports, and they must do so with a scientific approach.

He remarked that while there is potential among Nagas, they must also invest in sports, noting that they cannot win by chance and must invest in infrastructure and support staff.

Nagaland now needs to be known for success stories and not for the wrong reasons, he added.

Kesonyü Yhome, president of the Nagaland Badminton Association, emphasised in the presidential address that the association’s priority should be to groom young players and send them to national or international level tournaments.

Atu Pongener, Nagaland’s first National Institute of Sports (NIS) badminton coach, shared his experience on ‘a journey in badminton’.

List of winners

Men’s Singles 35+

Winner: Imnatoshi Longkumer (Kohima)

Runner-up: Joshua Keppen (Tseminyu)

Men’s Singles 40+

Winner: Meyiakum Jamir (Dimapur)

Runner-up: Hekato Swu (Niuland)

Men’s Singles 45+

Winner: Tanjenkaba Ao (Nagaland Police)

Runner-up: Haidingsap Zeliang (Dimapur)

Men’s Singles 55+

Winner: Yekhuvi Achumi (Dimapur)

Runner-up: Alem Pongener (Dimapur)

Men’s Doubles 35+

Winners: Tongpangmeren Imsong and Imliwapang Tzudir (Dimapur)

Runners-up: Along Jamir and Pusutemjen Longkumer (Dimapur)

Men’s Doubles 40+

Winners: K Pikuto and Kavito (Dimapur)

Runners-up: Y Akito Sema and Hekato Swu (Dimapur/Niuland)

Men’s Doubles 45+

Winners: K Pikuto and Kavito (Dimapur)

Runners-up: Dr. Wati and Kuhozhe (Dimapur)

Men’s Doubles 50+

Winners: Bendangnochet and Angam Saiza (Mokokchung/Dimapur)

Runners-up: Dr. George and Saku Jamir (Dimapur)

Men’s Doubles 55+

Winners: Saku Jamir and Alem Pongener (Dimapur)

Runners-up: Dr. Athikho and Khanngaining (Dimapur)

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By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Nov 11, 2023 10:28:20 pm
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