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Monday, March 04, 2024
Kohima, Nagaland

ABCC performs ‘act of blessing’ on Phüsachodü village

By EMN Updated: Dec 10, 2023 9:33 pm
Angami Baptist Church Council (ABCC)
Rev. Dr. Rachulie Vihienuo and Rev. Savito Nagi during the ‘act of blessing’ at Phüsachodü village on Sunday.

KOHIMA — On the concluding day of the two-day celebration marking the 75th anniversary of Christianity at Phüsachodü village in Phek district, the Angami Baptist Church Council (ABCC) bestowed its blessings upon the village.

This refers to a historical incident in December 1925 when five Angami missionaries were chased away while attempting to spread the gospel in the village.

According to a press release, the missionaries—Sieliezhü, Kruneizhü, Rüzhükhrie, Shürholhoulie, and Kevizelie Sophie—had reached the village during the harvest festival of ‘Thürinye’.

Seeking accommodation, they aimed to share the gospel with the villagers the next day. However, some intoxicated youths insulted them and spilled rice beer on the visitors, forcing them to leave after an elder defended them.

It is said that soon after the missionaries left, fire mysteriously broke out in multiple locations, razing most of the village. The missionaries witnessed the burning village from a distant mountain and shed tears. A cholera epidemic also afflicted the village that year, resulting in around 100 deaths.

Ninety-eight years after the fire and the rejection of the gospel, a team from the Angami Baptist Church Council was invited to the 75th anniversary celebration. Their purpose was to pray and bless the village on behalf of the five missionaries.

The Executive Director of ABCC, Rev. Dr. Rachulie Vihienuo, accompanied by the President, Rev. Savito Nagi, and two others, attended the celebration on December 10 and offered an act of blessing.

During the ‘act of blessing’, Savito presented a Bible to the church, and Vihienuo announced that the Bible was given as a token of their prayer for unending blessings upon the village.

Meanwhile, in the morning worship, addressing the congregation on the topic ‘Thus far the Lord has led us’, Rev. Dr. Z. Keyho, General Secretary of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council, emphasised that the church’s growth over 75 years is a testament to what God can do.

He commended the village for its decision to adopt the principle of ‘one village, one church, one faith’ and encouraged them to continue working for God’s kingdom with the same sense of oneness and collective commitment.

During the evening worship, Rev. Khrutsoyi Luruo, former Executive Secretary of CBCC, addressed the congregation on the topic ‘Thus far the Lord has empowered us’ and highlighted the power of the Word, emphasising that the Word of God gives life. He stressed that sharing the Word is the most important priority for both the church and believers.

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