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ABCC appeals public to extend helping hand

By EMN Updated: Aug 02, 2018 12:42 am

Dimapur, Aug. 1 (EMN): The Angami Baptist Church Council (ABCC) today appealed all to extend ‘their helping hands to the affected people because of the incessant rain during this monsoon season.
The ABCC Executive Director, Rev. Dr. V. Atsi Dolie, in a press statement, said that that the incessant rain is taking a heavy toll on the whole of Nagaland and in Nagaland and said termed it as unusual and developing to an ‘emergency-like’ situation. this is an ‘unusual.

In this regard, the ABCC stated that it is extremely painful to hear the loss of lives ‘some of which are still being searched’; the destruction of houses and properties by landslides, and many people living in uncertainty.

The ABCC Executive Director, on behalf of the Angami Baptist Church Council, requested everyone, ‘particularly the ABCC members’ to extend their helping hands to the affected people in their own neighborhood so that the needy ones are relieved in some ways.

Meanwhile, the ABCC also congratulated the government, NGOs, social organizations, village autoroties etc for responding to the crises efficiently and doing all to minimize hardship and inconveniences being faced by the affected people.

Saying that this seemingly bad time is bringing villages and communities closer together and making us stronger as a people, Rev Dr. Dolie requested everyone to pray for the bereaved families and all those who have been adversely affected.

He also urged the people to pray for the government and leaders so that they can address the situation appropriately and provide the needed leadership
“May we all be spiritually sensitive so that we do not miss the voice of God in all that is going around us,” the ABCC executive director,Rev Dr Dolie stated.

By EMN Updated: Aug 02, 2018 12:42:13 am