ABAM adopts five SQC resolutions
Monday, January 30, 2023
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ABAM adopts five SQC resolutions

By EMN Updated: Nov 03, 2022 5:06 pm

Dimapur, Nov. 3 (EMN): The three-day Ao Baptist Arogo Mungdang (ABAM) sesquicentennial celebration concluded at Impur on Thursday.

During the celebration, ABAM adopted five resolutions which are as follows:

ABAM SQC 2022 Resolutions

SQC Resolution 1: Contemporary Ao Christian faith and the task thereof

Though there are many born again good believers among the Aos today, yet there is a majority who are simply “believers only in name” (nominalism). It is thus resolved that, following the SQC, the churches shall prayerfully work to “strengthen its spiritual foundation”. To achieve this end, greater importance and resources shall be given to vitalise the Sunday School and Child Ministry in churches so that the sons and daughters of the church from a young age may be nurtured in the Way and Word of the Lord and that they may truly believe in Christ becoming distinct members of the church through baptism in water and the Spirit. Alongside this, ABAM shall bring out a book series on Discipleship wherein systematic teaching on various aspects of Christian belief and practice shall be given. This Bible based resource will help the existing ministries within the church to counter the pitfalls of nominalism and guide the church congregation towards authentic Christian living and conduct.

SQC Resolution 2: Evaluation of the mission works and the remaining task thereof

Outreach Mission: In such manner as the Ao community were called out to light when still in a state of darkness through the Gospel witnesses of the American Baptist Missionaries, with the understanding that the Aos have been called out to be witnesses for Jesus Christ, ABAM and its affiliated churches have been going out beyond the borders and carrying out tremendous Mission works to the present days. It is thus resolved that these mission works shall continue to be strengthened and be accomplished with a greater vision.

Home Mission: Along with a strong Outreach mission there should be no shortcoming in our own home mission. Therefore, it is thus resolved that following the SQC (a) The “Search for the Lost Sheep Mission” shall be set up and implemented with clear-cut action within the church. (b) For those of other faiths and religions who have come and settled in our land, all churches shall carry out definitive measures of evangelism among them.

SQC Resolution 3: Social change action and the task thereof

ABAM has ceaselessly engaged in the battle against social evils along with actions for advocacy of truth. There are many individual and social burdens we face in the present, such as corruption, alcoholism and drug addiction, lack of work culture, adultery, debauchery, violence, increasing gap between the rich and the poor, and mammonism (love of money). Therefore, it is resolved that, following the SQC, the work of the ABAM Social Concern shall be formulated into a full-fledged ministry of ABAM and it shall work with renewed strength to overcome these challenges at the level of the individual, church and ABAM. In addition, following the SQC, all stakeholders shall work corporately towards inculcating the Christian culture of hard work and industry among the youth so that they may become economically self reliant believers through their own entrepreneurship.

SQC Resolution 4: Evaluation of ABAM working system and the task thereof

The Ao church has completed 150 years by the grace of God. Indeed, the Word of God and the ministry mandated in the Bible do not change, nevertheless, the condition of the times and the norms and mores of humankind undergo change. Therefore, it is resolved that following the SQC, so as to be able to render preparedness, responses and teachings in tune with the times, the structure, ministries and working system of ABAM need to be evaluated and restructured. Through this the ABAM and affiliated churches will be able to carry on its works more appropriately, effectively and successfully. Therefore, it is resolved that a special Committee shall be constituted to execute this task of evaluation.

SQC Resolution 5: Support to ABAM offspring institutions and the task thereof

The four offspring Institutions of ABAM, Clark Memorial Higher Secondary School, Impur Bible School, Impur Christian Hospital and Clark Theological College are running successfully with much blessings. To enable these Institutions to grow to higher level of excellence and impart better ministries, it is resolved that ABAM in commemoration of the SQC shall extend appropriate assistance to these four institutions, and that the member Churches shall also uphold these Institutions with greater vigour.

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