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A Writeup For a Kilonser

By EMN Updated: May 02, 2017 10:49 pm

Mr. Kilonser,

I have no personal private issue in contention with you, only a Public Issue, and that public issue is that you support the Naga of outside Nagaland to decide for Nagaland state.
I dissent with you on this and this is the Public Issue between us.
A Person may give away his Gold & Silver, his clothes & Foods, even his personal private lands to others, but NOBODY has the Authority to take away the Customary Rights, Privileges, Traditional Cultural Values of the Way of life and the Land of the Naga of Nagaland and give it to Others of Outside.
People everywhere stand on the Principle of ‘Ura Uvie‘ (To US belong OUR Land)
The Naga of Nagaland has Article 371A of the Constitution of India that specially protects only the Naga of Nagaland; the Government of Nagaland, the Nagaland Tribes Council and the Public of Nagaland unflinchingly are behind this.
The NTC in its Rejoinder of 29th of April 2017 in the Mirror has shredded to pieces the stand of a Kilonser, and the Government of Nagaland has also just the other day, ultimately established the Reality of ‘Who is and who is not the indigenous of Nagaland state.
You attacked my name personally in public and hit me ‘below the Belt’ -something a fair player does not, anyway that is personal matter and it has revealed yourself to the public more than I would.
My experience is, the way you use words and language is unlike a self-respecting honourable Angami ‘Thetseimie’. Your unrestrained language, your hyperboles indicates you must have been influenced by the arrogant pugnacious nature of others; you may be even under their spell. Be it as you would like.
I have no inclination to act ‘one man up man-ship’ with you in the papers and hopefully this is the end unless I come across Truth and Untruth mixed together.

Thepfulhouvi Solo.

By EMN Updated: May 02, 2017 10:49:01 pm