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A Tribute to the Yaruiwo

By EMN Updated: Jun 28, 2018 11:53 pm

On this day, the 28th June, 2016, (Late) Ino Isak Chishi Swu, the Yaruiwo of the GPRN passed away in New Delhi after a prolonged illness after fighting for the rights of the Nagas for more than 58 (fifty eight) years. He was a man who feared the Lord and who stood his ground to the last. He was truly a champion of peace, infusing in us a strong sense of oneness through eternal Love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Throughout his life, he propagated unity in Naga solidarity with purpose. He played an irreplaceable role in Nagas’ Journey for Common Hope and true reconciliation through commitment and sacrifice for the love of Naga freedom from oppression and domination. It was under his leadership that the Nagas’ cause is recognized by the world through his tireless efforts in leading delegations of the NSCN to the US, Europe and many Asian countries and when he delivered speeches at the conferences of the United Nations Working Group on Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Geneva in 1993 and 1994.

46 (forty six) years after his birth, an infamous document commonly known as the Shillong Accord which enshrined the acceptance of the Indian Constitution was signed by the “representatives of the ‘so-called’ Naga underground organizations” on one hand and the then Assam Governor Shri LP Singh on the other as the Indian representative in 1975. The 11th November, 1975, by sheer coincidence, turned out to be the birth date of the Yaruiwo. He was born in 1929, the year the then Naga Club (NC) submitted a monumental representation to the Simon commission which headed the Britain’s Instrument of Succession. He enrolled for the sacred National Service on the 5th December, 1958.

All these coincidences add up to the significance of a Naga National Hero who breathed his last
on the 28th June, 2016, two years ago today.

He was born to traverse 58 (fifty eight) years of jeremiad sojourn to liberate a people who stubbornly refuse to the authority of India over Nagalim. These 58 years contains all the extremities a National Hero could ever imagine and bore the burdens and responsibilities willingly in order to give freedom to his people: the great and proud Naga people, who will never forfeit liberty, human dignity and freedom from suppression; come what may. He will forever live a perfect example of sacrifice for generations to come and to be emulated. This very day, the 28th June, 2016, our Naga national Hero left us, yet, his spirit still dwells amidst us; and our spirit of sacrifice soar high as we fondly remember and commemorate his 2nd Death Anniversary. As a sign of Nagas’ highest respect, the Naga National Flag flies at half mast today while Government offices remain closed.

Hail Naga National Hero (L) Ino Isak Chishi Swu!

Hail the great Yaruiwo of GPRN!

Issued by the MIP

By EMN Updated: Jun 28, 2018 11:53:07 pm