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A simple search for salvation

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Vedezo Nienu

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]s your heart weary? Is your heart sad? And riddled with guilt which is wearing you down and eating your insides out? Is your personality in need of a massive reform? Are you lacking the confidence to be yourself in front of what seemingly is judging crowd of people which prevents you from what you really are?Is your empty heart longing for something more? Is your fear simply obscuring you from making proper decisions in face of life’s tough decisions?
The answer, my friends, is in the grace of Jesus Christ. Yeah! I know many of you must have heard these before. You must be thinking, yeah, I’ve heard that in church, from my parents, uncles and aunties. Gosh! So boring!….I quite understand if you are presumably skeptical and disillusioned. I too, have once thought that the same. I too, once questioned as to who Jesus was and why is he so special that we have to hear people speak about him.
Every Sunday and, of course, our parents reminding us every day of him. If you are skeptical about him and have doubted about him making any impact in your life. If so, then hear (or read me) me out.
I, too, had looked on life as something dull and boring, hurting and uncaring. I tried to escape that reality then, by submerging in computer games, partying around and practically doing everything which is noxious in the sight of God, and of course, my parents.
All these activities of course, momentarily took me away from that aforementioned “reality” and made me happy. Inevitably, however, as people say, “all good things come to an end.” The brief amount of enjoyment would come to pass and I would abruptly wake up the next morning with a massive hangover and of course, in search of water for my parched throat due to excess drinking and smoking from the previous night.
All such charades went on and on but I never found peace and something was missing from my heart. The excess uncontrolled behaviour really took a toll on my health. Coughing became my trademark. On the education front I failed miserably again. And again. It was one night in a hotel in Dimapur when I was drowning in my sorrows, running, feeling frustrated ans even to the point of contemplating suicide.
It was God who came charging in like a cavalry to the rescue and took me under his warm embrace and shielded me. To you, anyone, reading this on the premise that God loves you unconditionally in a world where everything sets you on terms and conditions, trust me. If you are skeptical and disillusioned and lifting a weary tired life or riddled with guilt. Just give your life to Jesus Christ. For, you were never meant to carry those burdens.
Trust also that the costs of those burdens have been paid in full two thousand years ago, on that fateful day on the cross of Calvary. Place your problems and sins before God and you will begin to see the bigger and grander picture of God’s plan in your life.
Here is an illustration: You are standing on an top of a hill blindfolded but overlooking a vast and picturesque valley below you. You can never contemplate the beauty which is in font of you to see unless you remove the blindfold covering your eyes. Such is it that you will never see the grand picture and the great plan of God in your life unless you remove the scarf sin in you.
So, do not hesitate to commit your life to God. Rush into the wide open arms of the Father and the bountiful grace he serves which are yours for the taking.
Thus, I can boldly and proudly declare today that I have found my peace in Jesus Christ. The million Dollar question is will you give that chance to Jesus? I have no doubt that you will. Amen.

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