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A plain truth advice to the political leaders of Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Jan 19, 2015 10:33 pm

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ruth is truth! Today’s leaders are the troublemakers of our society. Like it or not, they (leaders) are moonlight robbers, indirect extortionists, criminals, law- breakers and to top it all, almost all of them are not so high on the moral question. Their lives are becoming more or less equivalent to commodities in the market. Nagas ought to understand that “Leadership is not a purchasable commodity. You cannot go to a shop and ask for half a kilo of leadership. But alas! Present leadership can be exchanged with commodities/ money in different style and under diffirent guises.Let us understand that a leader is not a conspirator but on who exposes the conspiracy. Whoever itmay be, any leader who creates confusion in the society is a conspirator acting against the interest of the common man; such a “leader” is hardly a leader. He is a blot on democracy and of development.
It will be almost impossible to establish an all round stable government and governance thereof as long as supermacist ideology and materialistic greed remain in the house of leadership. In the context of the present Nagaland scenario of ledership tussle, it is comically representative of a monkey who cannot be more beautiful than the rest of the other monkeys. Nagaland definitely cannot grow under such prevailing conditions.
Government for the people and by the people. Does this exist? The real Naga democratic is not based on crooked majority but based on “justice rule”. Dear elected leaders, please redefine leadership in the true sense of the term.
Dear Governor Sir, you are the head of the state. You know and have the legitimate power of decision to pass judgement based on the situation and not on the individual.
We the right thinking citizens hope that you really regard and love Naga public and its land-Nagaland. We therefore, appeals for your pure and good office to run the govt of Nagaland (caretaker govt) for an allowable period of time enabling the common citizens (electorates) to decide their course of action for the establishment of alround stable and flourishing govt of Nagaland. The pride of India.

Dr. ImtiJohn, President,
Youth with the Vision Society of North-East India.
Based: Dimapur, Guwahati, Delhi: India.

By EMN Updated: Jan 19, 2015 10:33:43 pm