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A Movement

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Jonah Achumi

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] Movement cannot run by some mere Passion or some Ignited Emotions. A Movement cannot run by a mere Human Intellect and Human Wisdom. A Movement cannot run by just few people coming together for a moment in time and everyone going different ways at other times.
A Movement cannot survive the storm or withstand a quake if it is not prepared to face any eventuality and ready to endure constant and unrelenting adversity come what may. A Movement withers when personal whims and fancies become more pertinent than the common cause. A Movement fades when finding of human errors becomes the Sole Goal. A Movement finishes when some people think they’re right every time while others are wrong .A Movement can never run by alone blind faith and misplaced passions. A Movement can never run if its mission has no vision.A Movement vanishes when prayer does not lead it to guide it.
A Movement dismembers when bitterness and resentment becomes its soul food and revenge becomes its thirst quencher .A Movement stifles when divided aspirations sets in for want of self appeasement. A Movement pass away when its true purpose is replaced by own interests. A Movement’s significance loses when name, fame, wealth and selfish interests becomes the main agenda. A Movement can Never Ever withstand the Change because everything changes and nothing is permanent in this world except Change ,but if God is its Guide then it overcomes any ordeal, challenges or tribulations and pass the test of time.What good is Sovereignty if we lose our Freedom?
What good is Freedom if we lose our Rights?
What good are our Rights if we lose our Lives? What good are our Lives if they have no Purpose?
What good is a Purpose if it does not Serve?
What good is a Service if it has no Principle?
What good is a Principle if it has no Vision?
What good is a Vision if it has no Value?
What good is Value of Humanity if it fails to give the very essence of the importance of Human Life?
Because we are fools indeed when we make war with our very own Brothers-in- Arms. To be very truthful, are we fighting for the Right kind of Freedom? True Freedom means not just liberty from the bondage of some foreign occupation but living without Restraints on the Right to Life and FREE FROM ALL FEARS EXCEPT THE FEAR OF GOD, the Creator and of all things and the CONTROLLER OF ALL THE DESTINY.

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