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A Message to Students

By EMN Updated: Jul 23, 2020 6:00 pm

Beloved students, by now most of you might have joined online classes. For those of you who are unable to avail the facility for some reason do not get discouraged. This handicap should be a strong challenge for you to overcome it by becoming yourself stronger in some way. You will have opportunity to make up. The excitement of joining the college will be a little dampened as you will be having virtual classes only. Have patience and soon you will have the pleasure of meeting your college mates and teachers. Instead of being discouraged you must be grateful to God because you are alive when many have died due to the pandemic. As you begin your new session in the college, I want to advise you to keep the following points in mind which will benefit you immensely.

Firstly, fear God and have intimate relation with Him, which is the beginning of wisdom and understanding (Prov. 9:10-12). The famous preacher Dr. Paul Dhinakaran once said, “After I have been born again, my mother did not have to wake me up to study.” He developed sense of responsibility as a student because he received wisdom from God. Every one of you should have this experience to succeed in life.

Secondly, you must obey and honour your parents if you want to receive two-fold blessings of prosperity and long life as promised in Eph. 6:1-3. Take it seriously as it is the word of God which has power. Consider how much parents sacrifice for children to give them good education and a good future. Once a farmer from North Assam was interviewed by a pressman. The farmer was boastful of the big cows he was rearing. He told that two of the biggest cows would go outside- one to Delhi and another to Bengaluru. He would sell them and send the amount to his two sons studying in those cities. Some of your parents might have sold animals, food grains or properties for your studies. Remember your parents are your best friends willing to give the best for you. So when you cooperate with your parents your success is guaranteed. George Washington, the father of American nation became great because he obeyed his parents, who taught him to know God, to walk in truth and to read the Bible daily. He became the first President of America in 1776 and laid a strong God fearing foundation for America and gave the motto: “In God we trust,” which in inscribed on every dollar currency. Even in White House he read the Bible daily.

Thirdly, remember there is no substitute to hard work. So study hard from Day-I. In a recent paper I read that a Mizo girl, daughter of a daily wage earner got 8th rank in the state class 12th Board Examination. She was awarded by state Governor and when inquired about her secret of success, she said she got up at 3 AM and studied up to 8 AM and then studied from 6 PM to 8 PM, a total of 9 hours. Besides that she helped in the household chores too. What a challenge to all of you. If she was able to get up at 3 AM, you may do so at 5 AM and study 7 hours a day. You can always improve. So with that positive will and determination prove to the world, you can do much better and we all want to witness that with great cheers.

Wishing you a grand success, all dear students.

Dr. A Loso Chalai
Immanuel College, Dimapur

By EMN Updated: Jul 23, 2020 6:00:03 pm