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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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A Message to the Ao Tribe

By EMN Updated: Jul 07, 2024 12:17 am

The Ao Naga tribe has been a harbinger of change in many ways, a tribe not only the Nagas respect, admire and adore but also by the people of different ethnic cultures across and beyond the boundaries who were considered as a role model for all good culture yet for the past few years, I see the unprecended drift from these cultures to a negative wave and being one of the admirer of the tribe and as a concerned citizen, I would like to have a few say for a better society.

I wouldn’t hesitate to say that the Ao tribe were like the promised rainbow of hope for the Israelites and the coat of many colour of Jacob. The tribe brought Nagas out from the darkness, the spread of Christianity was made possible for the missionaries because of the contribution rendered by the tribe. It was not by the Baptist missionaries alone or by Godhula but because of the enthusiasm and contribution rendered by the tribesmen Christianity flourish in the land of headhunters. The tribe found the gospel of living God and gave it to the Nagas. ’A New Ray Of Hope, Of Peace And Of Salvation’. The tribe have already celebrated 150 years of Christianity and progressing towards building the biggest church in Nagaland but Alas, would that be spiritual progression or materialistic competition of display of might and wealth. Many of your people are standing for the ideology that goes opposite to what ‘Nagaland for Christ’ stands for. In fact, some of your people and my people are becoming the hardcore supporter and ready to die for that ideology that doesn’t align and deemed as Anti-Christian ideology.

My dear tribe, let there be a greatest revival, a spiritual crusade in your land that can devour the entire Nagaland and beyond and cleanse the very unbecoming of the likeness of the Sodom and Gomorrah, and bring out from the darkness the land and the people engulfing the Nagas.

Your people have sacrificed the life and blood for the cause of the Nagas spiritually and politically. Be it Rev. Longritangchetba Ao or be it Dr. Aliba Imti or Dr. Imkongliba. Their stories are written in the annals of Naga history. Be it Religion, Nationalism, Patriotism, Education, Fashion, Music, Dignity of Labour or in many areas of progress and advancement. The tribe was seen as the role model for all the positive spotlight. I humbly appeal and pray not to be a role model of Violence, Hate, Corruption…The tribe is considered as the role model for the Naga people, uphold that position in all the areas that is good and just. Nagas look up to your guidance, the tribe was like the guiding star in the darkness for the Nagas but Where has the light gone? Where has that lamp gone? Where has that fire gone? That light is lost amidst the darkening cloud, of pride, of lust of power, position, money, it needs to sink in deep beneath the bottom and bring out that lost light to light up the world of the Nagas once again.

Have you forgotten the Naga promises of sending 10,000 missionaries to the world for the lord Kingdom? It was initiated under the leadership of the tribesmen, Rev. Alemmeren Ao, that took up the challenge and promise to take up the task for the lord. ‘Oh my dear tribe, you have a God responsibility on your shoulder’. In 2018, Sinai Ministry took up another task, ‘GO’ project for the same under the leadership of the tribesman, Wabang Longchar. In 2022, as you celebrated 150 years of Christianity and the tribesmen prayed to the Lord Almighty God, the lord listened to the cries of the people, blessed and placed your tribesmen in the highest position in Indian Parliament against all odds and forces, I know the good, the bad and the ugly side. The name Supongmeren sounds similar with Subongmeren, do you remember the very name that changed the destiny of the Nagas. oh dear leader Supongmeren, you have a bigger responsibility over to the prayers of your tribesmen and to the Nagas. Remember the Lord in all your walks of life. Even the first Chief Minister of Nagaland was of your tribesmen, look at the name of Nagalim, the tune of your tongue echoes for the land of the Nagas, how blessed is the tribe.

You (tribe) were the beloved tribe chosen by God to light the Naga world of darkness. Your tribe was of peace, have you forgotten, Rev. Longri who dedicated his life for bringing peace in the land of the Nagas amidst Chaos, Conflicts, Killings, Lead and showed the path of righteousness, peace and love but for the past many years as I observed, this culture is drifting away to unproductive hate and violence. The election violence seems to be one of the unappreciable model, be it kicking the old man in the face, stone pelting, brawls, hitting women in public, or the tribalist politics in election… Your lips are to be of grace and blessing, your hands in uplifting the glory of God but your lips are of red and your hand are of smokes and polluted with fury fist. No, my dearest tribe, your land and your people are sanctified by God- you are the chosen tribe, blessed and placed in many important places to lead the Nagas towards the rightful direction in fulfilling the commandment of the lord. These were never the culture of the tribe as to the conscience of what I believe but kindness, love, affection, honesty, integrity were the identity of the tribe. Be the Guide, Be the light and free the Nagas from the bondage of darkness’

Not because I’m perfect or my tribesmen are but I loved the Ao tribe, my affection and admiration pushed me to pen down a few words as I do not wish the beloved tribe to be mocked and be ridiculed for all the wrong reasons on the wrong spotlight. How I wish some, correct the same for my tribesmen and guide us to be better humans and as a tribe.

Your tribe was like the blessed seeds of Jacob for Israel as you for the Nagas, a gift to the Nagas to lead the Nagas in the truest beauty, form and glory. Let there be an Ao chief minister, Ao prime minister or of the world leader, who would not wish to be led by the tribesman but lest not forget that the Almighty made 40 days into 40 but Alas! My dear tribe, be reminded of God love lest the tribe inherit the later as the wrath of God.

Is the label “Role model or advance tribe “weighing heavier for the tribesman as the label of “Nagaland for Christ” for the Nagas?

Let’s introspect, retrospect one more time and seek God wisdom to lead the Nagas. I seek forgiveness if any of the words have hurt the sentiment of the beloveds. May the tribe be once more be blessed, abundant in full and prosper to lead the Nagas in the truest direction. Kanga pelar.

Hokato Awomi

Activist /Asst.prof.

By EMN Updated: Jul 07, 2024 12:17:19 am
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