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A Letter to the Hon’ble Minister, Forest Ecology and Wildlife Protection Department

By EMN Updated: Oct 15, 2016 11:56 pm

Hon’ble Sir, Nagaland Zoological Park (NZP) Rangapahar which is celebrating Wild life Week 2016 on the Theme “Wild Life Saviour” has drawn my attention and has inspired me to write this humble letter to your department for action against the violators of the Wildlife Protection Act enacted by the GOI and the world as a whole. When we cross Pherima village area, which is located at the mid-point of Kohima-Dimapur road, we see many wildlife animal and birds, both killed and alive, and even bees, are being sold on the road side. I am sure that bees are also necessary for eco balance for which God has created it.
I questioned myself whether the Minister, PCCF and officials of the Forest Deptt who cross that area became blind in that specific area. I also questioned myself whether the GON became very clever after the GOI warned GON and subsequently GON tried to protect mass killing of Amur Falcon and when the GON did its best to save it GON was awarded by GOI and other foreign counties. Everybody sees selling of such wildlife and birds in violation of the Wildlife Act but all have kept silent till date. So myself being a layman, I wonder whether my concern for those wild animals/birds may be foolish for Naga people as well as all commuters of this NH.
If I am not mistaken I have never seen any media highlight of such illegal killing of wildlife and selling on the roadside of NH which connect Nagaland and Manipur to other parts of the country.
If those animals and birds are to be treated as wildlife, why has the GON and especially the Forest Deptt, GON kept silent for so long? Is it not an insult to the Naga people in front of the world?
In this connection, I request Hon’ble Minister of Forest Deptt to take action against those officials who are responsible to check such illegal killing and selling for which they are being paid salary by the government.
Let us not be so selfish and finish everything in our time. Let us preserve wildlife for generations to come. I also request the Hon’ble Minister to direct forest department officers to take action against those hunters and protect wild animals and birds as they are very near to extinction in our dear mother land.

E. Stephen Rikha, Kohima Town

By EMN Updated: Oct 15, 2016 11:56:41 pm