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By EMN Updated: Aug 01, 2013 1:08 am

The emergence of ACAUT I might say is a much needed, God sent opportunity for the oldest insurgency at least in India if not in South-East Asia to restore order in its ranks and file and regain the much needed unspoken sympathy it enjoyed for decades which in recent years has dipped to an all time low. The NSCN (IM) has only itself to blame for it is clear that its arrogancy yielded nothing much except for it becoming a surrogate mother unintentionally to offsprings which very soon rebelled, demanded and got its equal share of chairs in the roundtable as parallel nationalistic organizations with the same nomenclatures except for the bracketed initials.

Is there any bravado in justifying oneself by forcing the intended targets to visualize the prospect of staring into the barrel of a gun through the print media thereby serving the twin purpose of sending out a clear warning to the determined and the fence sitter?

We Nagas take our Christian faith seriously. I believe it is so because our forefathers were not atheists but animists. What-so-ever our backgrounds be, whatever our limitations, whatever our provocations, whatever our sins of omissions and commissions, we believe and pray to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
The slogan “Nagaland for Christ” encapsules within it the very core of our belief and our existence, and I for one cannot but thank the good Lord for enlightening the visionary who coined the said slogan. But pray, tell us what we should be praying for today. Should we pray so that we live to see another day? Should we pray so that something is left of our hard earned efforts? Should we pray that our kids don’t stumble on a body shot dead at point blank range? Should we be fasting and praying so that some spine is left in our leaders representing our apex churches and NGO’s?
Who said we won’t pay tax? ACAUT simply want it streamlined. A priceless God sent opportunity indeed, to co-operate with ACAUT which in today’s Nagaland enjoys the unspoken sympathy which might not remain unspoken for long.
Why become a mascot for the old ‘Smokie’ classic “for a few dollars more” when one can have all the sympathy, sincere prayers along with prescribed tax wrapped with best wishes of every Naga in Nagalim today.


By EMN Updated: Aug 01, 2013 1:08:34 am