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A journey not as rosy as it looks! Does it Ringa bell?

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Mar 29, 2022 11:43 pm
Kekhrie Ringa

Our Reporter

Dimapur, March 29 (EMN): Trained in western classical and broadway style of singing, artiste Kekhrie Ringa is uncompromising in her pursuit of carving a niche for herself in music industry and in doing what she loves.

Also a vocal trainer, Ringa was fascinated by singing ever since she was a kid.

‘I would line up my dolls on the sofa, get up on the table, and the perfume bottle or a comb would be my imaginary microphone and then I would sing all the songs I knew,’ she told Eastern Mirror.

However, it was at The Bangalore Conservatory where her dream turned into reality, after winning the best performer award, though she said pursuing degree there was a difficult phase as classes were intense, attendance was strictly calculated and ‘there was just so much to do’.

Her journey was not as rosy as many would have thought. She worked hard and is grateful for where she is today.

‘I am not the most famous person in Nagaland, and I still need an introduction but I’m just so grateful for making it this far,’ said Ringa, who is also known as a Boho singer.

‘Gospel rock’ was the last band she worked with before foraying into electronic pop with a Boho twist as she wanted to do something different.

She released her debut album titled ‘Bohème’ with a theme song on the same name, which was a letter she wrote to herself around 2019, the year (in February) she joined Infinity Inc. on a three-year contract.

The singer, who also loves candles, cosy places, tattoos and lanterns, said that she is glad to present herself just the way she is ‘by default’ and encouraged all to speak positively and to stop being judgmental.

‘We never know what the other person has gone through or is going through,’ she said.

Her love life? Well, Ringa said that she has been in and out of relationships but is glad to have met them, as through them, she has learnt and realised that love is truly a beautiful thing.

‘The biggest lesson I have learnt is to never compromise or sacrifice authenticity for mediocre or just to fit in. I am a very simple person and I would love to have someone I can be on stage with, make music and just live a simple life, as to me, luxury is true love and good health,’ she added.

On music scenario in the state, she said music and singing feature in most events and programmes but it is still considered a “questionable profession” in the Naga society.

‘We need to educate our elders and help each other realise that we are gifted for a reason,’ she said.

She encouraged parents to support their children in pursuit of their ambitions; support practically to help them achieve what they have been designed to do.

‘I am so proud to see our Naga women getting out of their comfort zone and making headlines. If our place was only in the kitchen (as believed by some), we would never have been given the ability to dream,’ said the singer who wants to be remembered as ‘someone who is brave and spreads good vibes’.

She also wants to provide and not to find someone who can provide for her.

Well, she is not amused by “common” queries about her income or marriage plans.

‘These are very personal questions and I’m not interested in answering them unless I want to,’ she said.

Meanwhile, she pointed out that funds meant for musicians have been misused and such practice should be stopped. ‘This is a sensitive topic but well, I have to say it,’ she said.

For music lovers, the artiste has some new releases in the offing- with a ‘different touch’.

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Mar 29, 2022 11:43:36 pm