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A flight into the realm of ‘Angels’

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“Be careful while entertaining strangers, for by so doing, many have entertained angels unaware” (Hebrews 13:2).

Jack T. Chakhesang

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]ust the thought of “entertaining angels unaware” fills one with wonderment. “An immortal, spiritual being attendant upon Divine Spirit—attendant upon all that is. Divine Spirit is Love!” Therefore, if the angels are attendant upon God, they are attendant upon Love, Loving Guidance!
Angel is a spiritual being acting as an attendant or messenger of God, pictured as being of human form with wings. The word also describes a very beautiful, kind, or good person. Informally, the word describes a person who gives financial backing to a theatrical production and is derived from the Greek angelos meaning “messenger.” (No wonder the centre of American films is based in Hollywood, a suburb or Los Angeles—the “City of Angels.”It is written that nine orders of angelic beings exist. These spheres of angels in the order in which they seem to be ranked are as follows:-

Seraphim: This is the highest order of the highest hierarchy. They are celestial beings said to surround the throne of the Divine Spirit, singing the music of the spheres, and regulating the movement of the heavens as it emanates from the Divine Spirit. Seraphiel, or Kemuel, is the archangel and chief of the Seraphim angels.
Cherubim: These angels are the guardians of light, and of the stars. Remote from our plane of reality, still their light touches our lives, the divine light that they filter down from Heaven. Zaphiel is the angel ruler of the Cherubim.
Thrones: These are companion angels of the planets. At this time in our history it is important to be aware of the particular Throne, the Earth Angel that is the guardian our world. Yerachmiel is an Archangel who rules earth.

Dominions: These are angels who govern activities of all the lower angelic groups. Divine bureaucrats, they also serve to integrate the spiritual and the material words. They are connected to our reality but take their orders from the Divine Spirit.
Virtues: The angels in this realm are able to beam out all the massive levels of energy. As more groups of people learn to work with the Virtues, there will be greater energy available on our planet. The angel Peltiel rules the virtues.
Powers: These are the angels who are the bearers of the conscience of all humanity, the keepers of our collective history. The angels of birth and death are in this category. They are able to hold and draw the energy of the divine plan the same way trees draw down the energy of the Sun. In this way, the powers can send all of us a vision of the world spiritual network. Just as you have a heart, liver, kidneys, and other organs in your body, all the worlds’ religions are different organs in emerging spiritual body of this planet.

Principalities: The guardian angels of large groups, from the cities and nations to recent human creations such as multinational corporations. These might more accurately be called integrating angels. There are many of these beings involved with our planet—one particular integrating angel carries the pattern of unified global order in its heart.
Archangels: Beyond the angels are the beings we are used to calling the archangels. But they may also be called “over lighting” angels, since they tend the larger arenas of human endeavour. These beings are from a different family than the angels.
There are many different kinds of “over lighting” angels in this larger family. The four we are most familiar with are Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel. They are also called “Angels of the Presence” because they are closest to God.
• Gabriel sits on the left-hand side of the Divine Sprit and is the second most important archangel. Gabriel is usually pictured as a female. The name Gabriel means “God is my strength.” In addition to numerous other duties, this archangel was sent by God to a small town in Galilee named Nazareth with a message for a girl promised in marriage to a man named Joseph, who was descendant of King David. Her name was Mary. Gabriel said to her “Peace be unto you! The Lord is with you and has greatly blessed you.”
Gabriel went on to tell Mary that she would give birth to a son who was to be named Jesus who would be great and called the Son of the Most High God. And Jesus would be the king of the descendants of Jacob forever; his kingdom will never end.
To this Mary had said “I am a virgin. How then can this be?” The Archangel said that the Holy spirit would come upon Mary and God’s power would rest upon her (Luke 1: 26-38).
• Michael is by far the best known of the archangels. He is believed to be the closest to God. Catholics call Saint Michael and pray to him to protect then from evil. The name Michael means “one who is like God.”
• Raphael is the third most important archangel. He is believed to heal the wounds of the martyrs and protect travelers. The name Raphael means “shining one who heals.”
• Uriel is the last four “Angels of the Presence.” Uriel is often known as the Angel of Repentance and meets the souls of the sinners as they arrive in heaven. The name Uriel means “Fire of God.”
• Raguel means “friend of God.” Raquel is the angel who took Enoch to heaven. Enoch said that he makes sure the other angels maintain high standards of behaviour.
• Ramiel is known as the “Angel of Hope.” The name means “God raises up,” which gives a clue to his main task—leading souls to heaven.
• Sariel is the archangel responsible for the discipline of the angels who misbehave.
• Haniel worked in Babylon with priest-astrologers, and guides clairvoyance, mystical lunar insight and spiritual healing.
• Camiel is a leader in the angelic hierarchy of Powers, who ptrotect the world from fearful energies. He alsoi safeguards soul-mate relationships and helps find lost things.
• Zadkiel helps us see the the Divine Light within ourselves. He brings faith, compassion and forgiveness.
Here it may noted that each archangel’s name ends in “el” which means “shining being.”
Metatron is the most important angel in the Kabbalah. The name means “closest to the throne.” Metatron is not an archangel (although there is debate on this subject), but is often referred to as King of the Angels.”
Sandalphon is an angel of music and musings who carries prayers to heaven He is the brother of Metatron. Some believe that the brothers were once mortal men, the prophet Elijah and wise Enoch. There is controversy today over angels and the possibility that they were once mortal beings. Some believe that angels are immortal and have never lived a human life.

The angels we are most familiar with are those in the last order. They are the ones closest to humanity, the ones most concerned with human affairs. Within the category of angels, there are many different kinds, with different functions.
The ones that we know best are the guardian angels (it is believed that everyone has one guardian angel). Because of shifts in their functions and our consciousness, it is useful to think of these celestial beings as companion angels. As you enter a time of increased light and love on the planet, they will not need to guard you, but rather will be your guides to greater and greater consciousness.

Angel names find their roots within ancient cultures, such as Babylon, Assyria, and Egypt, as well as within Jewish, Christian and Muslim lore. Over thousands of years, angel names have evolved in spelling, meaning and use within religions, mysticism and magic, where the name of an angel is thought important in order to invoke angelic help.
Also, almost all cultures have stories of angels visiting humans in their every day lives and punished or rewarded accordingly.
In fact, the list of angels are too numerous to mention here. Suffice it to say that there is angel assigned for each and every aspect of life and creation in the universe including the sun, moon, stars, constellations, the sciences and philosophy, mercy and love, even forgetfulness. There are angels who have the power to thwart demons, change the fates, who cover destruction and purify souls from Sheol, who are in charge of repentance, of music, literature and poetry. And of punishment, too. These are just to cite a few instances.
Many of the angel names include a suffix word meaning, “of God” (-el), or yah, which means, “Lord.” This way, angel names portray the importance of the angel’s connection with the divine. Angel names are, thus, traditionally viewed as being powerful. Most angel names will have the “el” incorporated; most fallen angel names will not.
When we discuss angels, sure demons also exist as Jesus had saved persons plagued by demons. To quote all sources would fill volumes. However, for those really interested they may try the Internet just to get an idea. For those further interested may read “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown. The main source of this write-up is from several elsewheres.
May your Guardian Angel whoever it may be take care of you always.

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