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A critical analysis of the 50th anniversary of Nagaland Statehood, 2013

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Dr. E..Renphamo Lotha

Research Scholar, GSM

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he span of fifty years was half century mark in the history of the State. She was mature enough to stand on her feet as a person was considered mature adult at the age of eighteen by the Constitution. It was a time of retrospection-as to what have happened and introspection-as to what are happening at present. It is a time to retrospect as to what achievements have taken place within fifty years of Statehood and a time to calculate what achievements are taking place at present during fifty years and to thank God as He is the designer of the state through the people whom He has chosen.
Meanwhile, it was a time to beg forgiveness of God for all the weaknesses, shortcomings in the years gone by through various leaders whom God has chosen. The anniversary was a time of reconstruction and transformation of the people and the land led by the leaders for the future with the help of the Almighty God, the Creator of heaven and earthly Government.1. Congratulations
Let us express our heartfelt thank to God and congratulations to the State for having attained fifty years of Statehood led by the leaders at present. Let us recognize the wisdom of God in them which has enabled the citizens to analyse as to what have happened during the last fifty years of the existence of Statehood. It was considered necessary to examine both the positive and the negative side of Statehood because the negative was necessary to produce to produce a beautiful positive colour photo.
2. Darkside of the celebration
The aforesaid celebration was marred by the protest of CANSSEA for forcible deduction of their hard work earned salary which reflected the unplanned programme of the celebration. The celebration was further marred by the protest of the Congress Party for protecting an alleged criminal politician in the Government. The celebration was further marred my the protest of the Nagaland Secretarial Service Association for the apathy of the Government towards their legitimate demands. The celebration would have been peaceful and more brighter had the Government examined the merits of the protests and the demands.
3. Confusion between Anniversary and Hornbill festival
There was a confusion as the whether the aforesaid function was fiftieth anniversary of Statehood or observation of the hornbill festival. The two functions could have been celebrated in different venues with different programmes so that visitors from outside the State would understand that the two functions were altogether different in nature. The fiftieth anniversary was a one time event, whereas, the Hornbill festival was a yearly event. More importance should have been given on the fifteenth years anniversary rather than the yearly hornbill festival.
4. Public or Private anniversary.
History recorded that in the first anniversary of Statehood in 01/12/1963 there around ten thousand participants during the inaugural session. If so, in the fifteenth anniversary the participants would have increased upto 50,000 participants. But instead of the increase, it reduced to around 1,500 participants. The public therefore questioned as to whether The public event has turned into a private event. In democracy, people (public) is more important that private individuals. Like the last fifteenth anniversary, all the government departments have turned into private ventures to the surprise of all right thinkers and right doers.
5. Non-availability of publication of books on the 50th Anniversary of Statehood
Naturally, people would like to know as to what developmental achievements have taken place within the span of fiftieth year of Statehood. Unfortunately, no copies of publication of books were made available in the venue of the celebration to the surprise of the public which exhibited that the anniversary was secret event not to be known by the public.
6. Non-availability of public transportation
There were no public transportation to attend the public event by the department of Tourism and Culture. Hence, the public were totally deprived to attend the anniversary which was great failure on the part of the State.
7. Hornbill festival to highlight original Naga Culture
Other than the usual show of half naked dances by various Naga tribes , it was considered necessary to showcase the original Naga culture of honestly, hard work, straightforwardness, hospitality, transparency to the world in general which was completely missed.
8. Non- accordance of befitting honour to the founding members of Statehood
The State should have accorded befitting honour to the founding members of Statehood. It was great mistake on the part of the State not to have remembered the great sacrifices of the founding fathers which could not be forgotten and forgiven by the history of Statehood.
The following were some of the merits of Statehood to be remembered by the following generations:
i) Cessation of hostilities between Nagas and India.
ii) Temporary peace declared from time to time particularly in 1964 and 1997.
iii) Establishment of trust between Nagas and India as a crocodile’s tear.
iv) Stoppage of violence, burning of villages, harassment , rape of innocent women, concentration camps, tortures of Nagas by Indian army draconic special arms acts enforced in the State.
v) Assistance in Human Resource Development .
vi) Financial assistance with heavy secret commissions from the Centre and State to meet the expenditure of the State.
9. Demerits of Statehood
The following are the leading demerits of Statehood:
i) Low Human Resources Development.
ii) Poor financial resource development.
iii) Increase of Poverty.
iv) Poor infrastructural development.
v) Prevalence of anarchy and injustice in the administration of Justice.
vi) Corruption ever since the seventies led by politicians and bureaucrats (1970-1980).
vii) Massive Corruption from top to bottom (1980-2013).
viii) Criminilization of politics in the forms of Equi distant and Equi Closeness policy to the undergrounds by successive government (1990-2013).
ix) Multiplication of eight factions of the Underground aided by over- ground politicians and bureaucrats for factional supremacy and accumulation of wealth at the expense of the public.
x) Paralysis of educational system by political interference in appointment of teachers, bogus appointment, interference in transfer and posting of teachers combine with corruptions.
xi) Miserable health care system.
xii) Non availability of regular power supply.
xiii) Failed public distribution system.
xiv)Miserable non motorable roads.
xv) Absence of Medical College.
xvi) Absence of Engineering College.
xvii) Non- Availability of industries.
xviii) Paralysis of Municipal bodies.
xix) Vicious and most corrupted electoral system.
xx) Failed religious total liquor prohibition.
xxi) Absence of machinery for checking massive corruption.
xxii) Lack of employment opportunities etcetra.
Considering the aforesaid demerits and failures of Statehood, the public poll result of the disaffection rate against the State has been increased upto 81 per cent according to the survey conducted by the Morung Express recently. Unfortunately, the demerits have outweighed the merits of Statehood owing to the complete absence of patriot politicians and bureaucrats. Everyone is now asking the critical questions, “Who will bell the cat”?
11. Future hope
Since the past leads to the present, the present leads to the future, all is not well in the overall state of affairs in the State. Let us therefore, “hope for the best and prepare for the worst”. Well, the old generation has gone with their outdated ideas no matter what the present generation say. Now, the new generation with 60 per cent must be able to take up the responsibility of rebuilding the broken walls in all fronts. Yes, Nagas need total transformation- physically, mentally and spiritually. Their socio, economic, cultural and political life certainly need total transformation with the power from on high. Let us all stand united no matter what come may. So that “Nagaland for Christ” may become “Christ for Nagaland” with transformed Christians as the light of the world.

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