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Thursday, May 23, 2024
Dimapur, Nagaland

A book ‘Short Remedy’ released in Dimapur

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: May 07, 2024 10:56 pm
Short Remedy
Kamito Anok (middle) along with Vishü Rita Krocha and Lanutemsu during the book launch event at Juni Book Café in Duncan, Dimapur, on Tuesday.

DIMAPUR — A book titled ‘Short Remedy,’ written by Noklem N Walem under the pseudonym Kamito Anok and published by PenThrill Publication House, was released by the principal of Wandering Minds Institute of Fine Arts, Lanutemsu, at Juni Book Café at Duncan in Dimapur on Tuesday.

In his author’s note, Anok said that the book offers readers a glimpse into a world where memories were fleeting and identities were transient. He shared that the narrative centres around the world where everyone embodies the solidity of real airplanes, whereas the protagonist remains a mere paper airplane, constantly mimicking the lives of those around her through their journals and diaries and through its thought provoking narrative and introspective themes.

The book invites readers on a journey to self-discovery.

While addressing the gathering, Lanutemsu shared that the first things that came to his mind while reading the book was ‘detachment.’ According to him, the book is basically about people feeling detached, whether it be not just from the society itself but from themselves as well.

He expressed that the risk of being an author was that sometime they give away too much, saying that when people read their book, they are not giving away the words but they are giving away a part of them with those words.

Even as the character in the book encouraged to enjoy life even if it is for a brief moment, Lanutemsu stated that the event was not just about the book launch but also the first launch of the author as well.

While sharing the publisher‘s note, the proprietor of PenThrill Publication House, Vishü Rita Krocha stated that ‘Short Remedy’ is a first of its kind for them as they have published poetry, biography, fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels and children’s books, but manga (animation) was a first for them.

Krocha added that ‘Short Remedy’ was also the first manga book she have read and expressed excitement to have encountered the fascinating work that carry a beautiful tale primarily told through the combined use of text and illustration.

She mentioned that manga, as it appears, has seen phenomenal success not only in Japan where it originated but also reached the remote corners of the world and continue growing in popularity and influence.

Krocha added that in the process of publishing the book, she has learnt that manga encompasses an enormous variety of things wherein many themes were explored and illustrated and also depicted a wide range of emotions.

While it might have started as children’s entertainment, manga is now considered a literary form worthy of serious critical evaluation, she added.

She further expressed that it has the potential to appeal more people across gender, race and age, especially considering how the youth today were so drawn to the Japanese culture such as the cosplay, which seems to be the trend everywhere.

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: May 07, 2024 10:56:38 pm
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