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Solar energy to relieve thirsty villagers in water scarce areas

By EMN Updated: Jan 10, 2014 11:41 pm


IN what is seen as a path breaking and revolutionary technology for solving drinking water supply problems in rural areas in Nagaland, the PHED has successfully implemented a new technology using solar energy developed by the Mumbai based Company Additya Corporation. Using advanced membrane filtration system, the Solar Powered Water Treatment Unit is currently being implemented in three most water scarce villages of Kohima district – Meriema, Tsiesema and Kijumetouma – under the National Rural Drinking Water Programme, Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation, government of India.
The sys tem, powered by solar energy, is capable of filtering 1200 litres per hour and can pump water to a height of 200 metres (approx 650 feet) and fully automatic in its operation with no necessity of human intervention for day-to-day operation of the system.
The system with ultra filtration gives out treated water that is of high quality standard for drinking purpose being free from all objectionable physical, chemical and biological contamination.
Since the need of human intervention is totally done away with in this new technology, it is seen as a very appropriate system for rural people who generally are not capable of sustaining any system that requires regular and intensive supervision.
Chief Engineer, PHED, Er. Kevisekho Kruse along with Superintending Engineer (M&I) Er. Repang Longkumer, Executive Engineer, SDO and other staff of the department visited the project sites and interacted with the beneficiaries at the main reservoir site of Meriema today.
Kruse pointed out that in view of the severe water shortage problems being faced by the village, the now available high quality water be used very judiciously and for drinking purpose only rather than for other non essential uses like vehicle washing, etc.
It is expected that the projects would be completed in all respects in a few weeks time and many people from these three villages would be relieved to a significant level during the onset of the dry winter season, he said.
The Chief Engineer also said once fully completed successfully, the pilot projects would be implemented in large scale in all other districts facing acute water shortage with no available gravity water supply source.
The Additya Solar powered water treatment unit with advanced filtration system with all its unique advantages, being tested successful for the first time in India, promises to become a strong water solution technology for many parts of the country, specially the hilly and mountainous regions of the country.

By EMN Updated: Jan 10, 2014 11:41:50 pm