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The real hypocrite

By EMN Updated: Aug 01, 2013 1:09 am

In apropos to Mr. N. George former CFMG/CFSB chairman write up in Nagaland Post dated: 30th July 2013, wherein he has sadistically choose to confront the NSCN by pouring fuel to the current movements against multiple taxation by certain section of our citizens under the banner of Action Committee against Unabated Taxation (ACAUT), we are compelled to issue this press release to make you understand clearly that, demeaning of Naga National issue by terming it as “Hypocrisy” is totally unacceptable and it only shows your negative attitude towards the Nagas.Do you mean to say that all the wars and tears that have ensued between Naga and India are all stage managed? Do you mean to say the tears of our womenfolk at the lost of their husband and son in war with Indian army is all farce as your cinestars did it in Bollywood? You have been so insensitive and ignorant not only to the Nagas but your own people, your soldiers who have died while fighting the Naga freedom fighters. Have they also died in “hypocrisy”? The true colour of yourself has now come to the open and you shall be judged by your own people if not by the ghost of your jawans whose supreme sacrifice has now been reduced to hypocrisy.
It is also to inform you that, Indo-Naga Peace Process is at the highest level which means at your Prime Minister Level. Will you call that “hypocrisy at the highest level”?
With this press release, let Mr. N. George be refreshed that, Cease fire and taxation is a different subject which will be beyond his understanding as everyone knows how he had failed miserably in his tenure as Chairman and exited without any inspiration and respect. Mr. George is nothing but somebody who ran away from his duty while serving as Chairman CFMG/CFSB in Nagalim for 1 (one) year & 54 days. You will be remembered in the annals of Naga history as somebody who come to Nagalim to break Cease Fire Ground Rules instead of managing it due to your vested interest and inefficiency. Your call to the Nagas to kill the Nagas will not make you a hero but a “pillaging hypocrites” before the Nagas as well as your own folks. At best, you may continue saluting ‘ACAUT’ through media.

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By EMN Updated: Aug 01, 2013 1:09:18 am