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Sunday, June 16, 2024

74th Naga Plebiscite Day Message of the Kedahge,Federal Government of Nagaland, Eno K .Vadeoon the 16th May2024

By EMN Updated: May 18, 2024 10:54 pm

Dear Country Men,

On this historic day I bring to you National greetings on behalf of the FGN and on my own behalf.

In retrospection it is amazing to realise that it was not mere human wisdom, intellect and diplomacy but a divine purpose and the will of God the Almighty which guided the founding fathers of the NNC to conduct the voluntary plebiscite on the 16th May 1951. Because of this feat, Naga identity and our God given right of freedom remains intact to this day.

The Plebiscite is the affirmation of the declared Naga Independence on the 14th Aug 1947. One day ahead of India’s Independence, announced to the outside world so that the right of Nagas will not be jeopardised by any external power or nation at any point of time.

The Indo-Naga political conflict spanning more than seven decades remains unsolved to this day not because of NNC but India. India claims that she inherited the right to occupy Nagaland from the British when she left India to be free in 1947. So this conflict arose. If at all it is to be so. Sooner or later the British govt. has to clarify her role in this conflict and set things in the proper perspective to ensure a democratic and global solution under UN Charter.

In the Naga national front, it is a welcome note to observe that today all the Naga political groups such as the NSCN (IM) NSCN  and the declared of 7 NNPGs are also proclaiming the Plebiscite. Indeed it is a productive sign of our people coming together again to uphold Naga cause.

Retrospective our history. Naga historical right was laid and freedom movement started by NNC. Nagas were one family in words and deeds when the NNC was formed on the 2nd Feb 1946. With the passage of time and the armed conflict with India, the bilateral ceasefire was signed on the 6th Sept 1964 with India by the FGN bringing respite to our people.

However, along with this respective peace came into play the divide and rule policy of India under the then PM of India Mrs Indra Gandhi and thus fragmentation of Naga family began. It is no wonder that there are now 24 Naga political groups as claimed which was manipulated by India and her intelligence agencies and which she recognised and popularised to suit her own ends in the design to sideline the NNC/FGN which she dearly wishes but could not succeed so far.

For some decade, Nagas had played into the hands of India because of the fact that some Nagas move out from the Naga principle to pursue I am, sectarian and individual ideologies. But only succeeded in playing one Naga against another Naga.  Fratricide was the order of the day for more than three decades from 1979 onwards which was to the glee of India who enjoys legal impunity in the eye of international law.

The supreme sacrifice our martyrs made for the nation shall not go in vain and the task remain and beckons the living kind today to carry on our cause of freedom forward

Our Govt is intact at home and abroad. We are grateful to all friendly and brotherly neighbouring nations who understand and share with our cause of liberation. I am sincerely thankful to all the churches and various organisations at home and abroad who remember Nagas at all times in the spiritual, moral and physical capacities.

The main responsibilities and challenging task is in the hands of our people now. As ever, each and every Naga is equal in the NNC, from the newest born to the oldest both male and female. I expect and call upon you to come forward and take your responsibility toward our nation building in the mainstream of Naga National Movement.

Together in letter and spirit, We shall liberate our land and set our people free sooner or later. May the almighty God lead and help our people to freedom.


By EMN Updated: May 18, 2024 10:54:46 pm
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