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6K respond to Job Mela on Day-I

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Thousands of educated Naga youth languish in the state without gainful employment and the two-day Job Oriented Skill Development Mela was a step to open the flood gates in a way and present to the youth the world of opportunities awaiting them. Official sorces said around 6000 aspirants turned up to see if they fitted the profile of 80 companies from across the country and State who converged in ‘one platform’ to present opportunities on job & career, exposure and skill development.
It was moving to hear most of the unemployed youth share their thoughts that they wished to be an asset to the society rather than being a liability.
The overall atmosphere in the venue was charged with optimism as aspirants hopped from stall to stall.
The event was inaugurated by the state Chief Minister who challenged the youth to avail of the opportunity of information.
“This job mela is an opportunity for you, so make use of it. Empower yourself with the required knowledge and skill and don’t feel shy to take any available job that comes before you,” Rio said underlining that skilled men power is the key to any economical activity.
He gave a clarion call to the Naga youth ‘to wake up’ and respond in their own capacity.
“Youth all over the world has taken over the front desk. So Nagaland, we have to wake up,” he urged.
However underlying this fervent appeal, Rio was also critical that despite having the potential to second to none, the absence of ‘work culture’ was the game changer for Nagas.
“We have to change our attitude and mindset. We shouldn’t be proud of being unemployed, rather be ashamed of. Let us change the face of our State from being a ‘salary economy to a market economy’ and from a ‘consumer to a producing society,” he further urged maintaining that ‘this change’ will come only if we are committed and consistent in whatever we undertake.
Underlining that private sector is the key to employment, the chief minister also urged the investment by private sectors in the State. This, he said, will go a long way in solving the unemployment crisis which the State is facing the moment.
Disclosing the ‘live registered figure’ of unemployment in the state standing at 62,586, he expressed his worry over the ever rising number of unemployed youth.
“Youth are an asset, but they become a liability if not trained or guided properly,” he said reiterating that Nagas should wake up from their slumber of easy and comfortable life style.
Parliamentary Secretary for Labour & Employment, Neikesalie (Nicky) Kire; Chief Secretary, Alemtemshi Jamir and Deputy Director General, Confederation of Indian Industry, Indrani Kar also addressed the gathering, while Parliamentary Secretary for Rural Development, CL John attended the function among others.
The two-day job mela is organized by the Department of Employment & Craftsmen Training, Government of Nagaland in collaboration with Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India; YouthNet-Nagaland and Confederation of Indian Industry.

Participants at Job Mela speak up 

THE mela was organized to sensitize not only the educated but under matriculate youth. It was organized to open up minds to job opportunities and various vocational training providers who can arm them with relevant skill sets that will help them get jobs.
Attending the Job Mela had itself become a learning experience for many.
The array of fields to choose from left some of the participants confused over which area to go for and how to apply. Most came to learn that the roads to employment are manifold and there are opportunities tailored for individual skill and interest.
By and large the Job Mela created quite stir, disappointing only those who were willing and ready to be employed right away. Their drawback they were over qualified and did not fit the profile of the companies in the lookout for aspirants in need of further education and vocational training.
Aspirant Vezito Tetseo (21) graduated recently from Eastern Christian College Dimapur and is currently unemployed. He enthusiastically was making his way towards stall of the School of Broadcasting & Communication when Eastern Mirror caught up with him. Tetseo said he had always wanted to be in the media field and hopes that this will open the door for him to follow his dream. Commenting on the youth, he was of the view that Naga youths lack drive and they give up easily. This, he explained is one reason why so many return home and remain unemployed.
Two other 18 year old Science students Mongsentsulak Jamir and Satemyangla Imchen who passed their HSSLC recently were on the verge of taking a year off as they could not get admission at technical colleges. They were overjoyed with the opportunity of the job mela. They were expectant that the mela will help them continue their education and get a chance of being employed in the area of their interest. They also expected many youth to find employment as well.
There were also hopefuls who were disappointed.
Richard and Chingling hold Masters Degrees but are still unemployed.
They were employed men a few months back but their contract term ended leaving them jobless. Like thousands of other aspirants they had come with a hope to grab a window of opportunity.
But they discovered the mela was geared more for current students pursuing education and for those seeking information on professional courses.
They hoped that the results of such an effort will translate into the entry of private companies and lift the pressure off the demand for government jobs.
But what no one could have missed at the Job Mela is that because youths of Nagaland go out for work but come back to Nagaland after some few years and remain unemployed which frustrates the youth. Even though their expectations were not met they were still hopeful of not missing the opportunity as there is no end to a road and one’s dream.

CII: Job Mela promoting Look East Policy

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DEPUTY Director General of Confederation of Indian Industry, Indrani Kar underscored that the Job Oriented Skill Development Mela is a path breaking initiative towards job and career opportunities.
With shortage of skill development in the emergence of large scale development, Kar felt that the initiative is in right tune as vocational training has become the new vista of development prospects.
She said the success of the mela will make Nagaland a model initiative and a sourcing point. She was more impressed in mentioning that Nagaland has highly talented youth to go way forward.
“The mela is an initiative of the government of India focusing on vocational skills, youth empowerment, infusing technology and promoting Look East Policy,” she said and urged the youth to grab the new opportunities that are emerging.

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