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67th Phom Day: We should become agent of peace, says Toy

By EMN Updated: Jun 08, 2019 12:26 am

‘Peace in its literal sense is not the absence of conflict and war, but about orderliness, absence of confusion, a land built upon equality and justice’

Temjen Toy speaking at the 67th Phom Day at Local Football Ground, Longleng on June 6.

Dimapur, June 7 (EMN):
The Phom community celebrated its 67th Phom Day under the theme “Embracing Peace and Sharing Peace Within” at Local Football Ground, Longleng on June 6. Chief Secretary & Finance Commissioner, Temjen Toy graced the occasion, which is a triennial peace summit of the Phoms.

Speaking at the occasion, Toy congratulated the Phom community from near and far for preserving the “special and unique day,” informed an update from DIPR. He said that “we are a people who are blessed with peace.”

This Peace Day is a very significant day not just for Phoms but for the Nagas and also for the rest of the world who are facing many conflicts, said the chief secretary.

While celebrating the peace day to commemorate the sacrifices of its pioneers for the cause of peace in the “darkened land”, Temjen called upon the Phoms to remember their leaders with reverence and solemnity for sowing the seeds of peace, and that “we, the recipients of their sacrifices and peace effort, should become an agent of peace spreading to all tribes and nations who desperately long for it.”

‘Our forefathers had no communication system to convey their message like we have today and the villages were established in isolation from each other, yet the unswerving effort of our leaders speaks volumes about their struggles and the adversities they encountered while working for peace,’ Toy pointed out. But with all modern system of communication available, the world today is sick with peace-deficiency and human relationship is becoming fragile, he lamented.

Exposing the theme of the event “Embracing Peace and Sharing Peace Within,” Toy said peace in its literal sense is not the absence of conflict and war, but peace in totality is all about orderliness, absence of confusion, a land built upon equality and justice. Peace in the land is where every citizen feels secured, respected, access to development; and every citizen feels satisfied with what happens within, he added.

Toy informed that ‘it is very encouraging to learn that peace has fashioned the Phom community to participate in building the global family by producing many intellectuals serving the state and different organisations in different capacities.’

While the story of Amur Falcon conservation in Longleng has reached far and wide, the chief secretary said the lone surviving satellite-tagged bird named “Longleng” has been making a headline and caught the attention of the scientific community since 2016. With this ultimate cause in focus, Phom citizen must also make efforts to conserve nature in every possible way, he added.

Toy expressed confidence that the government officers posted in Longleng will work sincerely to help the community, and that the efforts put together will be seen in the progress of the district and the state.

Deputy Commissioner Longleng, John Tsulise Sangtam spoke on ‘My concept of peace,’ while the President of Phom Students’ Conference (PSC) spoke on ‘Phom Day Foundations’ and Y.B. Angam, President APGO, on ‘Peace within’ during the event.

The day also witnessed music from Inyiushong Band, cultural dance by Sakshi village, a play by Tamlu village, peace building folk dance by AoSenden, this is our voice by Phomla Hoichem, and peace folk dance by Longching village, Konyak. Other events of the programme include peace promoting race, march past by school contingents, football match between Officers’ Club and PSC, inauguration of exhibition stall by the special guest, and felicitation and awards to successful personalities in various fields.

It may be mentioned that on June 6 in 1952, all the representative of villages in the region declared to all the people that the day is to be affirmed as a landmark for peace. The whole community pledged to forsake war and live in peace. 67 years ago, on this historic significant day, a stone pillar was erected with a vow imprinted that reads: “June 6th 1952, Phom Day to witness this day where in all Phoms have pledged themselves to be peaceful and royal to government. The 6th June marks the end of headhunting era and beginning of Peace in Phom land.”


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