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52nd WASA wrestling meet underway

By EMN Updated: Jan 23, 2014 10:38 pm

Staff Reporter
Kohima, January 23

The 52nd Wrestling Meet of the Western Angami Sports Association (WASA) got underway today at WAPO Ground, Sechü Zubza.Over 60 wrestlers from villages under Western Angami region including Mezoma, Khonoma, Jotsoma, Thekrejuma, Menguzouma, Kiruphema, Sechüma and Sechü Zubza took part in Naga style wrestling.
12 wrestlers will compete in the individual round which will commence at 8.30 am tomorrow (Friday).
The players who have made it through to the individual round are Zasevikho Meyatsu (Group A), Kepekhotuo Miasalhou (Group A), Megosier Khate (Group B), Rovilhoulie Pier (Group B), Rokozelie Punyü (Group B), Japuvito Savino (Group B), Kuolierie Kuotsu (Group B), Megolhoubi Peseyie (Group C), Neivolie Senotsu (Group C), Seketoukho Nipu (Group D), Megokhozo Nipu (Group D) and Megovizo Visienyii (Group D).
The second day of the two-day event will also feature national free style for both men and women and also for cadet boys and girls.
Earlier, gracing the inaugural function as the chief guest this morning, minister for social welfare Kiyaneilie Peseyie urged the wrestlers to partake in games and sports activities with the true spirit of sportsmanship.
He also stressed on the importance of peace building and therefore urged the players to be the torch bearers by leading from the front with examples.
Stating that DAN government is paying attention for promotion of games and sports activities in the state, Peseyie asked the players to avail the opportunities created for sportspersons.
The inaugural function was chaired by WASA president Kevilesie Senotsu, the administering of oath to the wrestlers was given by WASA wrestling secretary Nikerütuo Rino.
The prize sponsors for Naga style wrestling are Khrielesie Nagi, class-I contractor, Zasevizo Lhousa, section officer, North East Zone Cultural Centre, Dimapur, Kevisekho Chücha, secretary Khonoma Village Council and Thepfükuolie Viya, executive engineer PWD (R&B) Peren Division.
While the patrons are Kezhaselie K Kuotsu, Khrielievi Chüsi, Kecalhoukho Hieme, Kevicalie Kehie, Neinguvotuo Krose, Vilietuo Miasalhou, Aja Zinyü, Keviletsü Khate, Jakedovo Chase, Megorüzo Chase, Petevituo Chücha, Keneilhousa Senotsu, Salie Rino, Penyüsielie Suokhrie, Baby Peseyie, Dr P Mor, Neikuo Sechü, Rüüngutuo Kruse, Rokuosielie Nakhro, Rokuovikho Hesielie and Vitseipielie Sophi.
The closing function tomorrow would be graced by Kovi Meyase, ADC Naginimora as the guest of honour.

By EMN Updated: Jan 23, 2014 10:38:52 pm