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52nd WASA wrestling meet from Jan 23 at Sechü Zubza

By EMN Updated: Jan 15, 2014 9:17 pm


The 52nd wrestling meet of the Western Angami Sports Association (WASA) is scheduled from January 23 to 24 at WAPO Ground, Sechü Zubza.Altogether, 60 wrestlers from the four groups under Western Angami region will compete in Naga style wrestling. For national free style, there will be participants from both men and women, while there will also be a separate cadet category for both boys and girls for free style wrestling, informed a release.
Minister for Social Welfare Kiyanilie Peseyie will grace the inaugural function as the chief guest, while Kovi Meyase, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Naginimurah, Mon, will be the guest of honour for the closing function.
The inaugural function on January 23 will commence at 9 am and will be chaired by WASA president Kevilesie Senotsu. The invocation will be pronounced by Toulie Sechü, pastor Sechüma Baptist Church, while the administering of oath to the players and judges will be done by WASA wrestling secretary, Neikerüto Rino.
In the closing ceremony, WASA vice president will chair the programme. Medolepra Rino, catechist Sechü Zubza will say the prayer, while the vote of thanks would be delivered by Neivi Sechü, president WADSA.
The prize sponsors for the 52nd WASA wrestling meet are Khrielesie Senotsu, Class-I Contractor (1st Prize), Zasevizo Lhousa, section officer, North East Zone Cultural Centre, Dimapur (2nd Prize), Kevisekho Chücha, secretary, Khonoma Village Council (3rd Prize) and Thepfükuolie Viya, Executive Engineer PWD (R&B), Peren Division (4th Prize).
The patrons are Kezhaselie K Kuotsu, Khrielievi Chüsi, Kecalhoukho Hieme, Kevicalie Kehie, Neinguvotuo Krose, Vilietuo Miasalhou, Aja Zinyü, Keviletsü Khate, Jakedovo Chase, Megorüzo Chase, Petevito Chücha, Keneilhousa Senotsu, Salie Rino, Penyüsielie Suokhrie, Baby Peseyie, Dr P Mor, Neikuo Sechü, Rüüngutuo Kruse, Ruokuosielie Nakhro, Rokovikho Hesielie and Vitsiepielie Sophi.
The match commissioner for the WASA meet is Neivikuolie Khatsü. The referees for Naga style are Mhiesilhoukho Kitshü, Megosezo Khate, Neingulie Nagi and Visakuolie Rhatsu and the field judges are Pfükolie Vikhrie, Akrulie Chüsi, Megosekho Punyü, Kekolhoukho Meyase, Sedesielie Nagi, Zhasalie Rino, Zhabu Mor and Teiso Sechü.
The referees for national free style are Rokosielie Khawakhrie, Rovingulie Vakha, Khrietuo Nisa and Desielie Miasalhou. The recorders are Rokoselhou Kehie, Nikeselie Punyü, Kekhrieneisie Nagi and Seyiekuolie Naprantsu. The time keepers are Kechavikho Khawakhrie, Lovilie Vakha, Kekhrieselie Medoze and Ruopfü Nipu. The announcers are Neidilhoutuo Sechü, Keviphrülie Sirie and Vilhoubeilie Peseyie.
The first-aid incharge is Dr Ketho Peseyie, medical officer, Primary health Centre, Sechü.
Informing this in a release, WASA general secretary Kevichülie Meyase and president Kevilesie Senotsu has asked all the office bearers, wrestlers and game officials to arrive at the host venue Sechü Zubza on January 22. All units are further informed to bring two team flags.

By EMN Updated: Jan 15, 2014 9:17:02 pm