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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

44th GPRN/NSCN Raising Day

By EMN Updated: Jan 31, 2023 8:47 pm

Message of GPRN/NSCN Chairman, Gen. (Retd.) MB Neokpao Konyak, Oking; Naga Unification Camp, Khehoyi

Respected comrades, friends, ladies and gentlemen. I give all Glory and Honour to our Almighty God Jehovah, for sustaining our lives and that of our nation!

I extend gratitude to Naga tribes, Churches, Village Headmen and all concerned civil societies for the unwavering co-operation in the search for honorable and acceptable political solution to the Indo-Naga conflict.

Today is a historic day in the life of the Naga people. We are reminded of a political revival forty-four years ago. There was an upheaval in the political journey of the Nagas. A great political ramification resulting from the debacle of the 11th November, 1975 Shillong Accord. The foundation of the distinct Naga political identity and history, the pillars of the Naga nationhood was shaken amid the widening communication gap and ideological differences among the leadership of the day. Reconciliation was impossible because hatred and mistrust had overtaken the sense of belonging and oneness among the Naga leaders.

After the signing of the Shillong Accord, there was a period of great political distress and dissatisfaction. The Naga National struggle needed condemnation of the act of treachery and needed redemption and restoration of the people’s movement. Sadly, the seeds of factionalism and tribalism broke out openly from its shell. The Naga Political movement needed a political rebirth.

To wash away the stains of betrayal, on 31st January,  1980, a fresh initiative was undertaken with the formation of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN). Very fortunately, Naga rights and pride was restored but on the other side, disastrous division among the Nagas and consequent factional killings have left thousands of widows and orphans. This day restored the Naga rights but this did not stop the mistrust within. The Government of India (GoI) has taken maximum advantage and continue to exert and expand neo-colonialism in Naga homeland.

Dear friends, what we can proudly assert today or tomorrow is that, in the “AGREED POSITION” signed between the Working Committee (WC) and Government of India on 17th Nov. 2017, there is a clear political stance which says that the Government of India recognises historical and political right of the Nagas to self determine their future in consonant with their distinct history and identity. This clear political statement and understanding set the tone for a political negotiation between the Working Committee of NNPGs and GoI interlocutor.

Today, In the name of democracy, India is conducting elections in Nagaland. The political leadership of India have diverted their attention to electioneering and party politics. This is unfair. The Naga people are patient practitioners of ancient democratic values. Abstaining from democratic exercise too is a democratic right since the Indian leadership failed to perform its political task on the Naga issue. Those Nagas preparing to contest in the Indian election representing different political parties have to understand the severity of the Naga situation. This democratic exercise every five years have enabled thieves and scoundrels to flourish. Bankrupt minds have blurred the Naga vision. The hunger for five year power is threatening to destroy the future of Naga generations. Those clamouring for power will be answerable someday.

The international community will question lack of moral responsibility on the part of GoI. I believe GoI attention on Naga issue, or lack of it, will measure Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s stature in the coming days.

I hope our people will be able to differentiate between a democratic activity called periodic election and a negotiated political solution between two entities to end the political conflict. On the occasion of the 44th NSCN raising day, I wish our people peace and hope.


By EMN Updated: Jan 31, 2023 8:47:52 pm