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3, 00,175 capsules of prescription drugs seized from July 2018 till date

By Mirror Desk Updated: Jun 27, 2019 1:12 am

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Dimapur, June 26: During a programme conducted by the Excise directorate at Dimapur, commemorating the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, a brief report on confiscated drugs and narcotics from July 2018 till date was given. The report was given by S Chanlei Angh, deputy commissioner for Excise (narcotics).
In total there were 20 cases of which the narcotics cell had 13 cases registered, the mobile squad with 14; Kohima had two and Mon had four cases, Angh said.

The Excise officer informed that a total of 3, 00, 175 capsules, 391 tablets of nitrosun, 4175 bottles of cough syrups, 65 grams of brown sugar, 505 kg of marijuana and 35 grams of opium were seized. A total of 18 persons were arrested in connection with the contraband, the said.

The approximate value of the confiscated items is informed to be around INR 67 lakh.
Angh highlighted also about the work that go in detecting drugs. He said drug peddlers and users have ‘become aware of the law.’ They know how the enforcement operates, he said.

This, the official said, makes detection more difficult. For said reason, there is a need to increase the number of ‘informers where the issue of monetary returns arises as the informers need to be paid for their inputs.’

Further, Angh informed that a lower grade of heroin known as the ‘sunflower’ is being confiscated increasingly. This shows how much the use and sale of the drug is, he said.

The additional commissioner of Excise, Kevisetuo Angami also spoke at the event. He said that the occasion was to promote and educate the public about drug abuse and trafficking.

The officer reported that 322 billion dollars is made annually from drug trafficking. “We must take a directive measure and rededicate ourselves to fight against drug abuse,” Angami said.

While confiscating drugs is as important, Angami called for prosecution which he said is also a priority.

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