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25 road projects in Dimapur aim to ease public hardship

By Mirror Desk Updated: Jan 29, 2019 10:50 pm
Drainage being dug at Dimapur’s Supermarket area. (EM Images)

Eastern Mirror Desk
Dimapur, Jan. 29:
Commuters in Dimapur could soon heave a sigh of relief as 25 major roads in and around the commercial hub are in the process of getting repaired with the Public Works Department (PWD), for the first time, being given partial freedom to design the roads as per requirements and in preparing the estimates.

A reliable source from the PWD informed Eastern Mirror that most of the contractors have started works on said roads; while some have completed, like the Hotel Tragopan junction to City Tower stretch, which was finished by M/S Multi Builders “at a quick pace” as they started in early December last year.

“The tenders were submitted in November, 2018 and work began by December; some are going at a good pace while some still have few issues such as drainage and others stalling the progress of the work,” the source informed.

According to the source, works along the Padampukhuri gate to Hollohon School via the income tax office at Purana Bazaar are in full swing where the metalling or Water Bound Macadam (WBM) work is almost completed.

Asked about the challenges/problems faced during the repair works, the source shared that the department faces lots of land encroachment issues from “private entities” wherein areas meant for making proper drainage during repairs is not possible anymore.

“We are in constant touch with the district administration and others to resolve such issues at the earliest,” the source informed.

According to the source, ‘incompetency’ on the part of other agencies/departments makes it difficult to work at a quick pace. “Many other departments also play a hand with the repairing of roads like telephone wires, power lines and others and if all work together there will not be delays,” the source said, adding that the BSNL ‘is very cooperative.’

While one would notice the recently renovated dividers around the town, the public seems unaware about which department or contractor initiated the restoration. When asked about the durability of the renovations, the source revealed that some departments went ahead and constructed the dividers without consulting the department concerned (PWD).

‘While the department appreciates the footpaths and dividers that are being constructed, it has now made it difficult for the department to go ahead with constructing drains as the footpaths have been constructed in the space meant for drains,’ the source said.

He reasoned that the department cannot dig drains adjacent to the footpaths as it will narrow the already constricted roads. “Proper coordination with the department should have been followed.”

Other challenges that the department also face is the uncooperative residents and council of some areas to get work done as per their convenience. “While some residents provide a helping hand and go out of their way to help, some make it difficult in regard to placing hume-pipes for drainage,” the source said.

It was also informed that the roads will be built on 50mm Bituminous Macadam which is less than 2 inches and 30 mm of Bituminous Concrete which is a little more than an inch, totalling to 3 inches in thickness of road.  The width of roads will be 3.75 meters for single lane; 5.5 and 7 for intermediate and double-lane respectively.

The source informed that the contractors have been given a three-year maintenance policy and all works to be completed by end of this year.

By Mirror Desk Updated: Jan 29, 2019 10:50:37 pm