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Friday, February 23, 2024
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21st Viwomi and Phemi Thinu Wrestling Sports Meet held at Jakhama

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Jan 04, 2024 11:34 pm
21st Viwomi and Phemi Thinu Wrestling Sports Meet
Champions (hands raised), other winners along with Rokovizo Meze, Ame Khieya, Ngulie Pelikro officials and elders on Thursday at Jakhama.

JAKHAMA — The 21st Viwomi and Phemi Thinu Wrestling Sports Meet took place on Thursday at Campion School ground in Jakhama.

In a thrilling final match of the senior category, Ketohol Thao emerged as the champion, defeating Vishekhoto Khieya.

Khieya, a formidable contender and the 2022 champion of the 59th Jakhama Wrestling Meet, faced a tough battle in the intense senior division final.

The event was organised by Viwomi and Phemi Youth Organisation (V and PYO) and managed by Ngulie Pelikro.

Thejangulie Khieya and Vikehiezo Kulnu secured third and fourth position titles respectively in the senior category.

In the junior category, Vizosel Khieya claimed the championship title, with Kevizeto Kirha securing the second position.

In the sub-junior category, Hovishü Khazo secured the first while Albert Novizo Richa claimed the runner-up title.

Kelengozo Rolnu took the first while Mhalehol Kulnu claimed the second positions respectively in the min sub-junior category.

Rokokhoto Viswentso served as the main referee, with the assistance of several officials throughout the competition.

Following the wrestling matches, a tug of war unfolded among various peer groups.

Opening the wrestling meet, Rokovizo Meze, president of the Southern Angami Sports Association (SASA), expressed concern about the youth misusing their parents’ hard-earned money on harmful substances, emphasising the long-term ill effects and the resulting aimless determination in life.

Meze urged the youth to cultivate respect for teachers, elders, and parents, emphasising the need to abstain from intoxication and drinking.

He questioned the prevalence of tobacco use despite warning signs on tobacco products, highlighting the dangers associated with it.

As the advisor of V and PYO, Meze also cautioned against the culture of celebrating victories with drinks, noting that true friends might not be there for an individual when they fall sick due to excessive drinking.

Emphasising the importance of genuine respect, Meze stressed that respect should be earned by giving it to others.

He encouraged individuals to start by fostering respect within their families, extending it to their communities, and eventually gaining respect in society.

Meze criticised the trend of valuing monetary contributions from guests over the wisdom they share at events, urging people to shift their focus.

Highlighting the sedentary lifestyle embraced by some, Meze discouraged individuals from becoming ‘handicapped’ by playing mobile games in bed instead of engaging in physical sports for fitness.

Encouraging sportspeople to specialise rather than be all-rounders, he cited examples like Cristiano Ronaldo, Mike Tyson, and Mahendra Singh Dhoni, illustrating the success that comes with focusing on one particular sport.

Meze identified belt wrestling as a promising avenue for Naga wrestlers, suggesting it could lead to Olympic achievements.

Acknowledging the average stature of Nagas, he recommended games like football, sepaktakraw, or wrestling for them.

As he recognised the significance of the sports event for the three clans — Phema, Kulnu and Pfüdia— Meze called upon the younger generation to follow the supportive examples set by elders.

Grateful for the educational institutions within their community, he urged everyone to seek the blessings of elders and remain determined in their life pursuits, extending his best wishes to all the sports participants.

Tepopi Khazo invoked the traditional blessings of the elders, while Sweyievizo Khieya, the secretary for games and sports, officiated the oath-taking ceremony for the wrestlers.

Ame Khieya, president of V and PYO, led the opening ceremony programme. Rokosato Yiene extended a welcome on the occasion and Akhü Richa proposed the vote of thanks.

During the occasion, the newly appointed team of office bearers for V and PYO for the term 2024-26 was announced, with Thepfuzhu-o Viswentso chosen to lead the team as the president.

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By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Jan 04, 2024 11:34:20 pm
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