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1,432 Bangladeshis killed in work-related incidents in 2023

By IANS Updated: Dec 30, 2023 2:41 pm

DHAKA — A total of 1,432 workers were killed in Bangladesh due to different occupational accidents in 2023, said a local development organisation.

The organisation called Bangladesh Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment Foundation (OSHE) revealed the statistics at a press conference in Dhaka, Xinhua news agency said.

Of the total, the highest number of causalities was in the transport sector with 637 deaths, followed by the day labourers’ sector at 220, the construction sector at 149, the agricultural sector at 146, and the manufacturing sector at 94, according to the OSHE report.

Also, 502 others were seriously injured in workplace incidents in 2023, compared to 228 last year, added the report.

According to the OSHE statistics, the institutional sector witnessed 329 deaths and 277 injuries in 2023, whereas the informal sector reported 1,103 deaths and 225 injuries.

It said the deaths of workers at workplaces increased in 2023 compared to the previous year, as 967 workers were killed in 2022.

The organisation said it identified various causes for these workplace casualties, including road accidents, electrocution, fires, building collapses, lightning strikes, gas cylinder explosions, violence, and physical abuse of domestic workers.

The data from OSHE also shows that at least 9,263 people have been killed at workplaces from 2013 to December 28 this year.

OSHE officials said they prepared the report based on information gathered from local and national newspapers, online and television sources, spot reports by volunteers, and networks formed by trade unions and organisation staff members.

By IANS Updated: Dec 30, 2023 2:41:20 pm
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