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14 tribal hohos reaffirm stand on Naga solution

By EMN Updated: Oct 17, 2021 9:26 pm

Dimapur, Oct. 17 (EMN): The 14 tribal hohos of Nagaland in a meeting on Oct.16 unanimously resolved to reaffirm all its previous stands on the Naga solution. In a statement, the tribal hobos extended their appreciation to Akshaya Kumar Mishra, the newly appointed Interlocutor, ‘for showing outmost urgency in the peace process with an effort to bring the political talks to a logical conclusion’.

“The apex tribal hohos of Nagaland would like to urge all negotiating entities in the Naga political talks to wrap up the process of signing an agreement without further delay,” it read.

It said that the house also resolved that any threat or intimidation to the tribal hoho leaders and other Naga civil society leaders by any groups would not be tolerated and confronted publicly by all tribes. Further, it stated that any resolution adopted by the Naga Hoho should not be taken into consideration or treated as the voice of the Nagas of Nagaland.

“As not a single Naga Tribe of Nagas of Nagaland is a part /affiliated to Naga Hoho. Anything that is for the Nagas of Nagaland will be determined only by the tribal hohos of Nagaland,” read the statement. It also affirmed to stand united ‘for the larger interests of the Nagas for early solution.’

The tribal hohos also appealed to all the negotiating parties that any agreement that is to be implemented in Nagaland should be informed to the tribal hohos of Nagaland before the final solution is signed, it added.

By EMN Updated: Oct 17, 2021 9:26:48 pm