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Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Wandering Minds showcases millet artworks

By EMN Updated: Dec 03, 2023 10:56 pm
Wandering Minds
Officials of Wandering Minds Institute of Fine Arts displaying diverse millet-based artworks at the Hortiscape Pavilion in Kisama on Sunday.

DIMAPUR — In a unique collaboration between Wandering Minds Institute of Fine Arts and the department of Horticulture, a captivating exhibition is on display at the Hortiscape Pavilion.

Based on the theme ‘Eminence in the ordinary,’ it sought to celebrate the commonplace through various artworks crafted with millets. The primary objective of the exhibition was to emphasise the beauty found in the ‘ordinary’ and ‘common,’ stated a DIPR report.

It stated that the displayed artworks, all created by students of the institute, aimed to inspire viewers with a minimalist approach that conveys the message, “Even I can do this.”

The artistic pieces utilise diverse millet mediums including charcoal millets, millet colour pigments and millet boards, serving as eco-friendly alternatives to traditional wood boards. It stated that the sustainable choice aligned with the overarching theme of appreciating the ordinary in innovative ways.

It mentioned that Wandering Minds Institute of Fine Arts, founded in March 2016 and located in Midland, Dimapur, was proud to showcase the creative prowess of its students in promoting the versatility of millets as an artistic medium.

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