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Monday, March 04, 2024

Dimapur police issues advisory for road safety

By EMN Updated: Feb 05, 2024 9:14 pm

DIMAPUR — The Dimapur Commissioner of Police has issued a set of advisories for motorists and pedestrians, as well as a ‘final notice’ informing that auto rickshaws found operating without the display cards launched by the DCP (Traffic) would be impounded with effect from March 1.

In a notification issued on Monday, the CP reminded that the Auto Rickshaw Display Card System (ARDCS) was launched on December 16, 2023 and the last date for issuance of the display card is February 29, 2024.

The CP stated that this final notice is being issued in the larger interest of public convenience, safety and security, with an appeal to all the auto rickshaw owners and drivers to co-operate with the concerned authorities and to submit the required documents to the Office of the DCP (Traffic) Dimapur for obtaining the display cards.

Stating that alarming cases of negligent and reckless driving resulting in vehicular accidents and deaths are being reported, the police commissioner pointed out that most motor accidents occur due to excessive speed. The CP reiterated that whoever drives beyond the specified speed limits shall be strictly penalised under section 183 of the Motor Vehicles Act.

“Wearing of seatbelt is compulsory for all passengers in vehicles fitted with seatbelts. Defaulters shall be penalised under section 194B of the MV Act. Talking on mobile phones while driving is dangerous and illegal; defaulters shall be under section 184 of the MV Act,” it added.

The CP also notified that it is mandatory for all commercial and heavy vehicles to install retro reflective tapes on the body of the vehicle as mentioned under Rules 104 to 104E of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules. The lighting systems (brake lights, parking lights, headlights, indicators etc) must be in operating condition at all times and shall also carry reflective/safety triangles in case of breakdowns/emergency.

“As many accidents are caused on the highway due to vehicles being parked without taking proper precautionary measures, it is cautioned that all vehicle owners are not to park their vehicles by the highways/roads unattended at night or in a manner which may pose a risk to other motorists. In case of a breakdown or emergencies at night, hazard lights and reflective triangles shall be used to warn other vehicles,” it stated.

Further, it advised pedestrians not to cross the highways/roads from undesignated crossing points. Instead the road over bridge/zebra crossings at police traffic islands must be used to safely cross the highway/road, as jaywalking is dangerous and is a major cause of reported hit and run accidents.

By EMN Updated: Feb 05, 2024 9:14:06 pm
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