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Chakhroma GBs respond to show cause notice

By EMN Updated: Jan 31, 2017 12:01 am

Dimapur, Jan. 30: After being served with show cause notices from the Dimapur district administration for objecting to the ULB elections ‘in public’, the president and the general secretary of Chakhroma GB’s Union have responded saying their statement was the collective voice of all the GBs of Chakhroma area and not their personal views.

Thepfukedo Kuotsu and Atso Gwizan, the president and the general secretary of Chakhroma GB’s Union, were served with show cause notices on January 9 last after they gave a press statement expressing support to the Angami Public Organisation’s call for boycott of ULB elections.

Their response has been reproduced here:

1. That it is our bounden duty, as caretakers at the grass root level and as custodians of the customary laws and practices of Naga society, to stand and voice out the sentiments of our people without fear or favour, when the interest of the society is threatened.

2. That the post of GB is not that of a salaried government servant/employee, but the GBs are elected by the people of the village to represent them before the government and to assist in maintaining law and order in the society. Therefore, in as much as the GBs would like to assist the government in its day to day affairs, we are not duty bound to support the government when the government’s policies are against the interest of our people.

3. That the APO is the apex body of the Angami tribe to which CPO is a constituent body and within the CPO, the GBs of Chakhroma area are members of the executive body. Therefore when the apex body had given directives to the subordinate/constituent organs with regard to certain issues, such subordinate/constituent bodies our bound to comply and act accordingly. As such the stand of the Chakhroma GBs’ Union is in consonance with the directives of the APO and taken within the capacity as executive member of the CPO.

4. That the institution of Village Headmanship in Nagaland was established much before the present form of government was introduced and shall remain even after the government of the day ceases to exist because it is an indispensable part and parcel of our Naga custom and tradition. Therefore it is our firm belief that the GBs are to dispense their duties in all fairness for the protection of our society and preservation of our culture.

5. That the stand of the CGBU on conduct of election to ULB as published in the local media from time to time is the voice and stand of the people of Chakhro Area in general and the Tenyimi people in particular. And we firmly believe that our stand is in the best interest of our people and that being so, we are not going to be deterred or intimidated by any force.

Therefore we are to state before your authority that our statement in the local dailies is the collective voice of all the GBs of the Chakhroma area issued as desired by the common people of our region and it in no ways reflect our personal view. We believe that our stand is in the best interest of our people whom we represent and we shall stand firm in our conviction rather than betray the trust of our people.

By EMN Updated: Jan 31, 2017 12:01:26 am